Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bonnes Vacances!

You may have noticed things are starting to get a bit quieter around Lausanne--shopkeepers are putting up their fermé signs and packing up to head to a beach somewhere (at least that's what they should be doing). Well, we aren't heading to a beach since we have new babies to sleep train (and toddlers to (re)potty train), but we are going to take some time off to read a few novels, sip rosé lakeside, and try to sleep longer than 3 hour stretches at a time. While we are away, take a look at some of our favorite articles that may be useful for you if you're spending your August in Lausanne. See you in a few weeks!

The Olympics start this week, so don't miss out all that Lausanne has to offer, being the Olympic capital of the world! Check out our post about the Olympic museum and the different events they are offering to get you in the spirit.

If you're looking for a spot to eat or drink outside, check out our favorite terraces in and around Lausanne. We added a couple like Pavillon, Jetée de la Compagnie, and La Terrasse too.

Did you know Lausanne has a Michelin star restaurant? We absolutely loved our time at Eligo, and will be heading back just as soon as we can get a date night on the books again.

If you haven't gotten your bottles of M-G rosé yet, you can still get 15% off with the code TLGwine!

La Grenette is such a perfect spot to spend your summer afternoons or evenings--and they're catered by our favorite culinary couple!

A boat ride is always a good idea.

If you're looking for ways to refresh your outdoor space, look no further!

And speaking of design, Sofia Clara gave us some great tips about flea market shopping in Vaud!

If it happens to be a rainy day, check out our ideas here.

Looking for a quick bite to take away for a summery picnic? We recommend two sandwich shops: Le Charlot or Mauro.

Fancy a staycation in Lausanne? We loved our stay at the new Hotel Royal Savoy and hear their spa is out-of-this-world amazing.

Nothing says summer like a good hamburger--and Zooburger remains a fave.

And speaking of dinner, don't feel like cooking? Don't forget you can get empanadas delivered straight to your door!

Craving a great brunch? Remember Blackbird opened a second (much larger) location in the Flon.

Have a great few weeks and we'll see you soon!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Bon Weekend

Taken in la Cité from one of our evening walks the other night

Hey! Happy weekend friends! What are you up to this long weekend? We will be taking advantage of the warm weather with a dip in the lake, probably a BBQ, and just relaxing after a long long week. Have a wonderful weekend full of celebrations for this [adopted] country we love and call home! Happy Swiss National Day!

These rare historical photos are powerful (and some heartbreaking).

We're suckers for matchboxes--and these patterned ones have caught our eye!

An interesting look at why salads (and healthy food) are associated with women.

In case you need a good laugh!

Can we talk about these baby Stan Smiths?!

Strawberry and avocado salsa? Yes, please.

These fake coupons are hilarious.

If your unmentionables are as unorganized as ours...this is a useful post!

Sorry, but gross.

For the minimalist cat-lover in your life.

Need a rug to spruce up your living space? Check out this one--on sale too!

What we are reading and wish we weren't.

And what we wish we had more time to read.

M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie seems pretty creepy.

We love socks and we love puns. Now you can get both!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Visit to the Olympic Museum

The year was 1996. Although it would be another 14 years before we would meet each other in Lausanne, without knowing it, we were already sharing an unforgettable experience.

From our respective homes in Dallas, Texas and Pasadena, California, our preteen eyes were locked on the television screen. The US Women’s Gymnastic Team was head to head with Russia for the gold medal and the competition had come down to one final vault by an American gymnast named Kerri Strug. She was the size of a peanut but had the mental focus to rival a Buddhist monk. We idolized her.

As she took off for a running start for her first vault attempt, we held our breath. But then! (oh, the drama!) She landed awkwardly and her left ankle buckled as she fell to the ground. Now injured, the whole weight of the competition came down on her second attempt and weakened ankle. Every little girl in America shared in her agony.

Channeling all of the discipline and preparation and determination that she could, Kerri’s second attempt became a salient picture of endurance and courage for a whole generation of American girls. She set off down the track with the power of a steam engine, vaulting gracefully into the air and sticking the landing on her ONE GOOD FOOT. When she threw her arms up in the final pose before the judges, we all threw our arms up with her. Confession: we still might cry when watching the video

The Olympics are remarkable. They have a way of accessing our common humanity by celebrating the values that we all hope to possess. After the dark news of recent weeks, we are particularly looking forward to this year’s Games, kicking off in Rio next week (August 5).

Since Lausanne is THE Olympic Capital, we decided that this was a perfect time for a visit to the Olympic Museum to get us in the spirit!

As many of you will recall, the museum was closed for a couple of years for a complete renovation. The exhibits today are interactive, engaging and so creative. The permanent exhibit covers the origin of both the ancient and modern games and boasts an impressive collection of memorabilia.


We loved how playful the experience felt. We learned and were inspired, but mostly we just had a lot of fun. That said, it is a fantastic outing with kids!

Challenge your friends to biathlon Wii style

In honor of the Rio Games, the museum is hosting a temporary exhibit – “Cap sur Rio” – about Brazil and featuring Olympic-themed art from Brazilian artists. It’s a great excuse to stop by for a visit, even if you’ve already visited the permanent collection. And better yet, the temporary exhibit is free!


With the Olympic Games 2016 kicking off next week, there are tons of fantastic events taking place at the museum that you won’t want to miss.

On August 5, the museum is hosting an all-night party with a concert from famous Brazilian Artist Carlinhos Brown, athletic workshops, Brazilian food and drinks and a live stream of the Opening Ceremonies on a giant screen – and all of this until 4:00am! Who said Lausanne was a sleepy, small town?!

Then throughout the two weeks of the Games, the museum will continue with live stream and replays from Brazil every day. It will be as close as you can get to being there without crossing the ocean…

Thanks to the Olympic Museum for a fun and educational afternoon! 

The Olympic Museum
Quai d’Ouchy 1
+41 21 621 65 11

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Afternoon at the park with M-G Rosé

*scroll down to get your promocode for 15% off your order!*

When our friend and fellow blogger Ashley told us that we had to try M-G rosé, it didn't take much convincing. One, we love rosé. Two, the weather was just beginning to show signs of summer. And three, it was a perfect excuse to gather all of our girlfriends - including Lausanne Blogger Sofia Clara -  for a spontaneous picnic in the park. So we grabbed sandwiches from a nearby traiteur, and headed to Mon Repos.

Started by Aline Gutowski, M-G (which stands for Maison Gutowski) is a unique concept where Aline doesn't actually own a vineyard to produce her exceptional wine--instead she works with the best vintners, oenologists, « maître de chai » and technicians in AOC “Côtes de Provence” to create her rosé. This is quite advantageous because there is no such thing as a bad year--she picks and chooses from vineyards which yield the best crop, in order to produce the best rosé. 

We asked Aline (who is drop dead gorgeous by the way) to share a few details about herself and her decision to drop everything to start her own company:

Photo by Olivia De Quatrebarbes

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a 'Frenchy addict' with good taste which I like to share with friends. I grew up in the South of France, in Cannes. I arrived in Lausanne for my studies, and met my husband right after, which is the main reason I’ve decided to stay in Switzerland. I started a career in investment banking during which I moved to Zurich and then Geneva, but the idea of being my own boss was always at the back of my mind.

Photo by Olivia De Quatrebarbes

What prompted you to begin M-G wine?
A love affair. My husband loves wine, I love Provence. He is a serial entrepreneur and I was an entrepreneur wanna-be… and let's be cheesy: we’re in love if we can still say so after more than 10 years ;-)

The first thing that came to our mind was having a new way of life--dealing with something we like to share--and Rosé wine seemed to be that something: a wine not yet well known everywhere, easy to drink, and carries with it its own culture & lifestyle (being from Provence). The idea is to create this lifestyle anywhere: when you open up a bottle of M-G rosé, you're bringing the holidays back home with you! 

Several years ago we wanted to completely change our life, go back to Provence and get our own vineyard. We quickly realized it wouldn't be a prosperous affair--why try to be better vintners than those who have perfected it with ages of hard work and tradition? So we decided to go the other way around and look for the best professionals of the region, and create our own team to select the best terroir of Provence. 

Photo by Olivia De Quatrebarbes

What sets your rosé apart from the rest?
Our leitmotiv: keep tradition for the taste, and bring creativity and urban inspiration for the design. When you put your nose in a glass of M–G Rosé Grande Cuvée, it’s like applying sun cream; you’re back on holidays, and believe me you may not stop after one glass (though you should drink with moderation). We have our own world, our own lifestyle inspired by our urban way of life. We do not communicate that much on terroir as for us the quality is the evidence, otherwise we wouldn’t have any success.

We can honestly say that this rosé was one of the crispest, lightest, and refreshing rosés we've tasted. And we really want you to try it out too! So for a limited time, you can order your own M-G rosé and get 15% off your order with the promocode 'TLGwine' (good for two orders). Happy tasting & happy summer!

Here's to many more sunny, rosé-filled afternoons this summer! Santé!

Wondering where you can find M-G Wine right now in and around Lausanne?

Lausanne area: Luigia, TaCave, Le Lacustre (newly re-opened), Le Baron Tavernier, Hotel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey
Geneva area: Relais & Château de Châteauvieux, Chez Philippe, Bottle Brothers, Luigia, Capoccacia, Voisins Café, Yacht Club de Genève, La Belotte, Genève Plage, La Terrasse, La Cave Guyot, La Cave A Vin, etc…
And of course their website:

M-G Wine's website is now also in English, with payment in EUR and delivery in most part of Europe. You may find more details about our wine: M–G Grande cuvée from Maison-Gutowski.

To stay up to date with M-G Wine, follow them on social media:

Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25 - August 1

A beautiful night out on the terrace of Restaurant du Theatre

It's the last week in July, which means that while summer marches on, Lausanne slows to halt. You may have noticed "closed for vacation" or "summer hours" signs up on the doors of your favorite restaurants and shops. Don't worry; by mid-August the pace will pick up again. Now is the time for picnics and summer hikes. And of course, with Swiss National Day coming up on August 1, there are still some great events in Lausanne to get excited about!

This week:

Life is Beautiful will be shown on the big screen in Mon Répos this Friday evening - and dinner options available at Folie Voltaire.

One final evening of salsa dancing in Sévelin Gardens.

On Tuesday night enjoy a jazz quartet concert in the open air theatre at the Casino de Montbenon.

Take a walk with a historian through Riponne, Rôtillon and St François. Tour is likely in French.

Still don't speak French? A free French course is being offered...on the beach! Every evening from 18:00-19:30 until August 11.

August 1:

The city will be pulling out all the stops with their official celebration in Ouchy - festivities during the day and fireworks from 22:15.

Lausanne à Table, the fabulous organization that puts together culinary themed events each summer, is bringing back their August 1st picnic in Montbenon Park. If you're looking for a day-time event that celebrates local Swiss products and is perfect for all ages, this is for you!

If traditional patriotism and family-friendly picnics aren't you're thing, all the cool people will be hanging out in the Flon's People in the City event. This party gets great reviews every year, so you won't be disappointed!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bon Weekend

Hey friends - what's your plan for the weekend? We're thinking of heading over to Lutry tonight for some live music, but since one of us is 38.5 weeks pregnant, it might actually be takeout and Netflix for the win. Either way, these dog days of summer are simply the best. We hope you're making the most of the season!

Anyone else going to miss the Obamas?

Couples who drink together, stay together.

Redefining failure.

What do you think about the gnome flags hanging all around downtown?

This is a cool shelf (and on sale!).

This Lausanne apartment

You know those people who carry little dogs in bags? What about this one?

An interesting look at wedding outfits from around the world.

Did you know the Tour de France was in Switzerland this week?


Haha, these art history Tweets.

A breast-feeding stand at Paléo? We're impressed!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pavillon Bar + Kitchen


If you’ve strolled through Riponne any time this summer, you may have noticed that the old Blackbird Social Club has disappeared and a new establishment, Pavillon, has taken its place.

We were eager to find out if Pavillon would bring something new to the gritty Riponne scene, already so complete with the likes of Grenette and Great Escape, so we called a couple of girlfriends for a lady’s night on the terrace. Our conclusion? Pavillon rounds out Riponne nicely with a great cocktail menu and excellent options for a light meal.

When to go: Apéro. This is a great, central spot to gather with friends after work when you think going out for a “quick drink” could likely mean lingering over good food too.

Who to go with: Friends, co-workers, urbanophiles. Lausanne is a pristine city, so using the word gritty to describe any of its neighborhoods seems a bit ridiculous. However, we’ve heard plenty of people complain that Riponne is too…urban…for their taste. We love it. We highly recommend it. But if the occasional innocent brawl or interaction with society’s more colorful personalities makes you nervous, steer clear.

What to wear: Anything you want. Pavillon seems less hipster than its neighbors, Grenette and Great Escape, which can be refreshing!

What to order:
We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and fritto misto. The nice selection of cocktails is another culinary perk.

Pavillon Bar + Kitchen 
Place de la Riponne 10

Looking for more outdoor dining/drinking options in and around Lausanne? Check out our terrace reviews.

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18 - 24

It seems things are a bit more quiet this week on the activity/event front, but when the weather's this good, we don't need much to keep us happy! Hope you have a great week!

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