Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30 - December 6

Photo by Rowan Heuvel

Can you believe it becomes December this week? We've got plenty more holiday inspired events to get you in the Christmas spirit, and also some fun celebrations and cocktail evenings! Have a wonderful week and stay warm.

  • Forma de Noël presenting various creators and their small business creations, right here in Lausanne.
  • Take part in a Scandinavian inspired Christmas market at Nordik Noël, hosted by the ultra cool Cool Cats in Vevey.
  • This Sunday is Cully Bazar where you can discover several regional business owners and their products all in one place!
Did we miss something? Don't forget to add your events to our calendar!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Bon Weekend

Photo by Gabriel

Happy weekend! Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, the Christmas festivities can now begin! What are you up to this weekend? We will be taking a night walk to see all of the Christmas lights in town then picking out our fresh Christmas tree from the tree farm in Chailly. Have we told you how much we love this time of year? ;) Have a wonderful & festive weekend!

If you're in the market for a tree but don't have time to get one, this company delivers eco-friendly, potted Christmas trees straight to your home!

On choosing gratitude.

Apparently America isn't the only country to be participating in "Black Friday" anymore.

And speaking of Black Friday, the rise of Anti-Black Friday branding (also a consumerist ploy?).

Realistic family photos (#2 is a favorite).

This aerial video of Lausanne is just stunning.

In the market for some beautiful floral arrangements or a holiday wreath? Check out this local florist who has an e-boutique!

This made us cry all the tears.

Check out this vernissage happening tonight at kissthedesign.

A gorgeous gift for the culinary enthusiasts in your life.

One way the Belgians are responding to the terror alert.

What happens to ugly produce? Well before this, it got thrown away.

Did you know that around 15,000 bicycles (and 52 cars) end up in Amsterdam canals each year? Here's how they get them out.

Ok, how adorable (and random) is this?

In case you need a laugh today.

Gentlemen, do you have a beard and want to be festive? Then this is for you.

In case you can't get enough of Adele (this is great).

How cute are these pajamas?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Best Thanksgiving Soirée

The sun began to set on Grandvaux; the sky on fire with streaks of pinks and orange, and we sat on a bench overlooking the glassy lake and exhaled. Guests would be arriving in minutes to share a meal in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we couldn't help but feel a pang in our chest--only this time it wasn't the usual pangs of homesickness, it was a moment of frenzied elation and anticipation for what would turn out to be the best Thanksgiving we've ever had.

Guests meandered into the stunning courtyard of the Maison Buttins-de-Loïes (a stunning 18th century cave in the heart of Grandvaux) alit with lanterns and strings of white lights, and were welcomed with a special aperitif made by the one and only Rodolphe, an experienced mixologist, drinks blogger, and famous Swiss riviera barfly with 20 years under his belt. He concocted festive cocktails featuring prosecco and blends of liqueur, fresh fruit, and herbs. The bubbles and the ambiance warmed us up as we stood beneath the Grandvaux moon, and we made introductions as most faces were new ones.

Once the chill became too much to handle, we headed into the cave's pressoir where in the light of hundreds of candles, tree branches and autumn leaves hung about the wooden beams. We wanted a cozy and seasonal ambiance for our dinner and found that nature offered the best decor.

We were so pleased to find that many guests had never celebrated Thanksgiving before--what an honor to be the first to introduce them to our favorite holiday! Once the introductions were made, the Aēsop goody bags discovered, and the wine poured, we began to indulge and enjoy the feast prepared by the super talented SK (Street Kitchen) team.

Many of the traditional ingredients were provided by our friends at Globus--guests were blown away by the quality and taste of the food. The figs, the turkey, the pumpkin pie--such a difference great ingredients make (and a chef who knows how to use them!).


Many guests arrived as strangers, but, as cliché as it sounds, it seems we all left as friends. It was so fun watching diners get up from their seats and share conversations with their neighbors--there was laughter, there were embraces, high-fives, and adolescent-like giggles. We drank too much and ate too much and smiled until our cheeks went numb. And when it came time to look at our watches, long after the last of the pie was eaten and digestif drunk, we couldn't believe the hour and wished we could make it last just a little bit longer. And that, friends, is a sign that it was a damn good Thanksgiving.

If you'd like to see more photos from our evening check out the album below:

Thanksgiving Soirée - The Lausanne Guide


In the spirit of gratitude, we want to publicly thank everyone who made this gorgeous evening possible. Thank you to Globus for so generously opening up their delicatessa and providing some of the finest ingredients Lausanne has to offer. Thank you to Aēsop for giving all of our guests a variety of your exceptional products. Thank you to Rodolphe and Dettling & Marmot for mixing up some wicked cocktails--the rosemary citrus prosecco was such a refreshing and festive touch! Grazie to San Pellegrino for the magnums of bubbly (water). Thanks to the Maison Buttins-de-Loës for being such an exceptional and flexible venue. A humongous thank you to Emma, Toni, Mickey, and Jana from the SK (Street Kitchen) team for co-hosting this event with us, for creating the most delectable dishes; for setting up, tearing down, and all the blood, sweat, smiles, and tears it took to make this Thanksgiving happen. Thank you to our favorite photographer Gabriel, who not only took on the challenge of photographing a dim-lit cave with no natural light, but also served dishes alongside us, made sure we stayed hydrated, then bought us flowers the next day. And lastly, thank you to our amazing readers and guests for making this evening worth it. Your kind words, your smiles, your encouragement, your festive spirit made us feel so loved and so fortunate to live in this adopted city with you. We love you all and wish you the happiest Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sweater Weather

We were giddy with delight when the snow started falling last weekend. Wasn't it gorgeous?!

The wintery weather has us dreaming of melted cheese dinners, cozy chalet weekends and warm woolen sweaters. We placed an order for a few new seasonal pieces in our wardrobe on Zalando last weekend and thought we'd share the shortlisted items with you. Remember - Zalando has free shipping AND free returns, making the online shopping risk next to none!

1. Flattering vest 2. Pretty turtleneck 3. Sweater dress 4. Tassel love 5. Blue shimmer 6. Cozy bohemian 7. Chalet style 8. Delicate grey 9. Pompom polka dots 10. Squared away 11. We wish 12. Olive crop

Are there any pieces you're looking forward to incorporating into your wardrobe this year? 

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23 - 29

Photo by Paul Itkin

Happy Monday, Lausanne! Wasn't the first snow of the season just beautiful this past weekend? The weather looks like it will be a mix of sun and rain this week, but we've got some great events to keep your spirits up! The Christmas season is upon us in full-force, so grab your good cheer and hit the town this week:

  • The Lausanne & Montreux Christmas markets have opened, meaning it is officially the holiday season!
  • This Friday night, Fricote is opening up the store after hours for all you eager Christmas shoppers--there will be wine and a selection of delicacies from La Mer en Boîte to keep your spirits high and your bellies happy.

Remember you can submit your own events to our calendar here by clicking on "submit event".

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bon Weekend

Happy (rainy) Friday, Lausanne! What are you up to this weekend? We are still on cloud nine from our amazing Thanksgiving Soirée last night--what an magical evening filled with amazing food, great wine, and incredible conversation with friends old and new. We can't wait to share more about our experience next week! In the meantime, here are some fun links from around the web:

James Bond destroyed $37,000,000-worth of Aston Martins. But who's counting?

Comedian Stephen Colbert on all that France has given to America.

This conversation between a French father and son.

Did you hear about this vertical forest apartment building planned to start construction right here in Lausanne in 2017?

Say it isn't so! Look what movie is making a sequel.

This would look so cute in a kid's room.

The festival de lumières has officially begun in Lausanne--and it couldn't have been better timing.

Oh Adele, we love you so.

What a great idea.

Science says that lasting relationships rely on only 2 traits.

Femina put together a list of 30 shops to shop for Christmas presents in Suisse Romande.

Wondering what all the fuss in Place de la Riponne is right now?

Oh my goodness, would you do this?

What a beautiful sweater.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Over the last few weeks you’ve heard us talk a lot about the holiday Thanksgiving. Considering only a small percentage of our readers come from North America, it may seem a bit like cultural overkill to many of you, so please bear with us.

You see, Thanksgiving is a piece of American cultural memorabilia that we wish could be more easily exported; it’s a holiday that brings the best of Christmas (family and food) without the harrowing trips to the mall and the pressure to express love through money. It’s quite simply a traditional meal, shared most often with the closest family members (+ a little American football and an awesome parade). And underlying the low-key festivities is a notion of thankfulness that we believe is as beautiful as it is universal.

Thanksgiving is a reminder that gratitude is a choice to reorient our hearts, to focus not on what is lacking but rather on what is given. And gratitude is a funny thing – like a muscle, the more you choose to exercise thankfulness, the easier it becomes to find things for which to be grateful. In this way, Thanksgiving is the perfect introduction (or antidote depending on how you look at it!) to the Christmas season.

As expats, we can easily vacillate between appreciation and complaining about our circumstances. On the one hand, there are things like mountains and vineyards and Italian vacations and Swiss trains that constantly cause our hearts to overflow; on the other hand, there are daily struggles with the unfamiliar and distance from family and accents that remind us that we’ll never really fit in.

So this year we wanted to share Thanksgiving with you and orient our hearts—and the heart of this site—toward gratitude. In the spirit of our native holiday, we want to go around the metaphorical dinner table and ask a few of our friends here in Lausanne one simple question: what are you thankful for?

Thankful for Lausanne because is both international and small enough to bump into your friends when you go for a stroll on its beautiful Lake. – Alejandra, Petit Toi

This Thanksgiving will mark 6 months that we are living in the Lausanne region, after spending 7 years in Zürich, and there are just so many things to be thankful for:  an extraordinary quality of life - with access to Lake Geneva, vineyards, mountains, farms and charming old villages; being 30 minutes away from real French boulangeries; an incredibly strong expat community and network of new mommies (I'm one of them, for the second time !);  incredible sunsets;  lots of hills that help me stay in shape after baby #2;  understanding what people are saying on the street (no more schwiizertüütsch);  being able to say nonante instead of quatre-vingt-dix; caracs and dark chocolate with fleur de sel from Blondel. – Kerrin, My Kugelhopf

As a relatively new mum, I am most thankful for the little moments. I’ve realized I no longer have to always focus on the big moments ahead; It’s the little moments that pave their way to the big ones that make them all the more special. – Eleni, Eleni Eyebrows

More than ever, my heart is in Paris…I am so thankful for the beautiful evenings I’ve spent in this place now wounded forever. I am thankful to be Parisian. I am thankful for our tears. More than ever before a part of my heart will be in Paris. – Cyril, Culture Cafe

I'm thankful for all the local entrepreneurs and innovators who are making a difference in this town (particularly the foodies)! My family moved to Lausanne when I was little and I can tell you, the town has changed a whole lot over the last 15 years. We used to have to hunt for a restaurant that served anything other than pizza, spaghetti carbonara or kebabs. While all those things are delicious, the food trucks, épiceries, confiseries, fast food revolutionists, wine bars and trendy cafés are making me even more proud to show people around a town I love. – Sofia, Sofia Clara

What are you grateful for? 

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16 - 22

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the sun (we hear next weekend there will be SNOW in some parts of Lausanne). We are so excited for this week, as we are hosting our first ever Thanksgiving along with our buddies at Street Kitchen. If you're not joining us on Thursday evening, here are a few other events that might catch your interest this week:

  • WORN at Baies d'Erelle to celebrate the boutique's one-year anniversary!
  • The second Salon du Champagne will be happening in Geneva this Saturday (so much bubbly, so little time!).
  • Authentic Italian dinners in Lutry this week--check our calendar for details!

Don't forget to add your own events to our calendar! It's super easy--just click "submit event" and voila!

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