Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A New Caffè Bellini

A few weeks ago, we were graciously invited to preview the new menu and meet the new staff at Caffè Bellini, a long-time favorite location here in Lausanne. There were playful cocktails (made by an equally playful bartender), mouth-watering nibbles, and just a friendly and fun vibe. We asked the new manager, Jasmine Gfeller, to shed some light onto what makes the new Bellini so much better.

1. What’s the most exciting change about Bellini?
I would have to say the most exciting changes about Bellini would have to be the arrival of our new Italian Chefs: Alberto, Massimiliano and Nicola- they are from Cava and Solerno, Italy. They have changed the menu and flavors of Bellini and we have had a huge growth in popularity since the change. We also have a very exciting new cocktail list that changes with the seasons by our Mixologist Irma who is also Italian from Bitonto (also known as "the city of olives"), she's extremely talented behind the bar and makes a killer cocktail.

2. If you could describe the new Bellini in three words, what would they be?

3.Tell us a bit about yourself
I have a Canadian mother and a Swiss Father, I was born in Newfoundland, Canada but spent the first 3 years of my life in India due to my father's job as a Civil Engineer. Our base was always Canada, but I grew up in India, Africa and Iran. At 17 I moved to Switzerland to take a year off after high school and to discover my roots. I have worked in restaurants since the age of 15 and it's after my year in Lausanne that I decided to study my passion and do my degree at EHL. After graduating, I moved to England where I managed the F&B department at Malmaison Hotel in Reading, after that I moved to Toronto where I managed an Italian restaurant for a year, and then opened the Daniel Boulud Restaurant at The new Four Seasons hotel in 2012. I moved back to Switzerland in 2014 and worked at The Four Seasons Geneva before taking over the Bellini in January 2015. I am an absolute foodie to the core and with that comes my love of  wines and everything tasty :)

4) You’re a world traveler, why Lausanne?
I moved here in 2014 for a boy of course ;) . Lausanne for me is the perfect sized city, it has the beauty of being near the lake and is an hour from the mountains. I also find that it is becoming more and more trendy as the years pass. I don't know if I'll be here forever, but for now it's home.

5) When you’re NOT at Bellini, where are you?
My absolute favorite place to be when I am not at work is A La Bosette. It's conveniently just down the road from the Bellini hidden away on a pedestrian street. They have over 60 beers by the bottle, local art work hanging on the walls and the food is fantastic. By far the BEST BURGER in Lausanne, oh and service with a smile ;). I also like to go to L'Atelier which is on my street next to home; a very hipster crowd with warm and friendly service. In the summer month's I love La Terrasse in Lutry, the owner Julien makes the bus ride worth it with his hillarious sense of humor and great cocktails.

6) What’s your current favorite dish on the new menu?
That's a tough one, I'd have to say the Branzino or the Filet of Beef with a cognac and green peppercorn sauce. Chef Alberto is extremely talented with fish. Our pizza's are awesome too though!!

7) You’ve had a long day, you saunter up to the Bellini Bar, what do you order?
After a long day people usually love to rock up and have one of our House Spritz Cocktails, my personal favorite is our Whiskey Sour though, we've been told it's the best one in Lausanne.

A few extra things to note about the new Caffè Bellini:

Every Tuesday they play a movie downstairs in the Hotel Bellini Cave- you can have a pizza and beer (or glass of wine) for 15chf with the movie- Movie starts at 21:00 but people usually come earlier to eat their pizza. You can see the movie schedule on the facebook page:

They are also going to start having live music nights at the Bellini - their first one will be on Thursday October 17th at 21:00 and the music will be jazz, folk, pop, rock.

They have a very good Italian Wine list selected by our Sommelier and Assistant Manager René Ploner (also Italian), where you can find Barolo's and Amarone's at a reasonable price.

They do a lot of big parties and events in their Hotel Bellini Cave--it can hold up to 70 people for Apéro Dinatoire's and 40 people for a sit down meal and can be booked privately. Jasmine's other Assistant Manager, Vera Giampietro, takes care of all the events and bookings.

Thank you so much Jasmine, and thank you to her wonderful staff who made us feel so welcome (and so cheerful and full!). 

Caffè Bellini

Rue de la Barre 5
1003 Lausanne
021 351 24 40

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5-11

Looking for some stuff to do this week/end? Here are a few fun happenings to add to your agenda!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Bon Weekend

Happy weekend, Lausanne! What are you up to this weekend? We'll be hitting up the market downtown, catching up with friends, and just trying to relax a bit (anyone else feel like weekends are as full-on as weekdays sometimes?!). We are excited to announce our winners from yesterday's "Tea for Two" giveaway with Blackbird: Sam, vmartinevans, and Marlène congratulations! Please get in touch with us at thelausanneguide@gmail.com and we will let you know how to claim your prize! Thanks everyone else for your wonderful comments! We hope you have a great weekend, and as usual here are some links from around the web:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blackbird Cream Tea & Scones

Our first experience of real cream tea and scones (pronounced scawnes according to Rich) was in a tiny café in Northern England near the lush rolling landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. We couldn't believe that something so simple could be such an institution amongst locals, but after one taste it kind of made sense. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

LG Apéro Does Cipriano - A Recap

The best part of creating The Lausanne Guide is undoubtedly the offline connections that we get to make with readers. We love this space that we’re curating, so perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that we also love the great people that connect with it.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bon Weekend

Summer was officially over this week, and my goodness we can feel the autumnal chill in the air this morning (and love it). How will you be spending this splendid fall weekend? We have a couple of projects we will be working on (and are excited to share with you in the coming weeks!), but if you see us out in town taking photos and videos stop by and say hi! Have a wonderful weekend, Lausanne!

Here are some links that caught our eye this week:

Apparently selfies kill more than shark attacks.

Cannot put this book down.

And cannot stop listening to this song.

A great autumn nail color.

Watch Ryan Reynolds [try to] put together an IKEA crib.

This makes my stomach do somersaults.

Why libraries matter.

So many headlines on the Pope in the U.S.A.--this one might be the best.

The power of eye contact.

A must read book before the movie comes out.

These just came in the mail and I wear them everyday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Things We Love This Fall

Sometimes it's the little things--and all of these little things have made our home look and feel and smell more like a home. And the best part? All of these products can be found or purchased right here in Lausanne!

One: This all-surface spray from Merchant & Co that is completely safe to use around food and smells glorious.

Two: This hamper from Globus that's almost too pretty to throw dirty clothes into (and the price!).

Three: This candle from Paddywax in Tobacco & Vanilla (available at Baies d'Erelle) makes you want to cozy up indoors and never leave.

Four: This new elusive fragrance from Aēsop that was created by leading parfumist Céline Barel. It's fresh and earthy and continues to adapt to your body as you wear it throughout the day. Go to Globus and give it a try.
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