Monday, March 30, 2015

Where to Eat & Drink [and Shop] in Lausanne: Cuppin's Teahouse & Cupcakes

This review is long overdue, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for. The funny thing is, we first discovered Cuppin's not because of their famous cupcakes and confectionary items, but because a friend had gifted beautiful hand-made bracelets that she purchased in the boutique. I went that week and realized that this cafe is a little piece of paradise right here in Lausanne. It's cute, it's delicate, it's whimsy and charming; the kind of place that little kids dreamed of when sitting their stuffed animals down for pretend tea and scones. Only this place has real tea and scones, and they are delicious.

Inside you'll find both a cafe and a boutique with carefully selected items including bags, wallets, jewelry, stationary, kitchenware, and more. We could seriously spend hours perusing the tables and walls--and honestly it's a perfect place to go if you need some gift inspiration!

The café boasts large floor to ceiling windows which overlook Rue du Petit Chêne--a wonderful way to pass the time and people watch as you sip your morning coffee. There's also a little corner set up for the kids with books, pillows, and a mini kitchenette complete with fake food and utensils. Should your little ones want to bake real food, Cuppin's also hosts a variety of classes for all ages and talents. And if that's not enough, the talented bakers at Cuppin's make personalized cakes and cupcakes for any celebration. Our good friend Jaifa has used them on several occasions, and has found that they are flexible, reasonably priced, and extremely creative.

So whether you're in the mood for a cozy morning coffee, a bit of boutique shopping, or searching for that perfect [personalized] confectionary treat, head on over to Cuppin's and succumb to its charm.

Cuppin's Teahouse & Cupcakes

Rue du Petit-Chêne 201003 Lausanne

Lu: 12h- 19h, Ma- Ve: 8h30-19h, Sa: 9h- 18h Tél: 078 705 13 12

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bon Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? We plan to catch up on some work, then head to a dear little friend's 2nd birthday party (which may include some bubbly for the parents). We hope you have a fabulous weekend! Here are a few things we found interesting this week:

We wouldn't mind living in this urban jungle.

The New York Times visits Geneva's Reformation Museum.

Made us chuckle.

The plans for the new children's hospital in Lausanne look pretty amazing - thanks to the kids who helped create the design.

Lots of long weekends ahead means that we're turning to this trusty weekend resource.

Our friends over at the EPFL are helping people with spinal cord injuries to walk again. #nbd #soproud

Brush up on your Swiss cinema.

We can picture Violet-the-intern sailing on Lake Geneva this summer wearing this little number.

An adult coloring book? Yes, please.

Tina Fey's new show has definitely stirred the pot. Have you had a chance to watch it? What do you think?

These dainty and inexpensive earrings would be perfect for everyday wear.

This little guy will be making an appearance in Violet's Easter basket this year (her obsession with lions is getting a bit out of control).

Bought this for summer--looking forward to downsizing.

The absurd psychology behind restaurant menus.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

uberPOP and Lausanne

It must have been at least three or four years ago, we were standing on the streets of Paris at 4am after one of the most epic evenings of food and dancing and drinking (and creepily spying on Rihanna who graced the night club with her presence that evening) and there was not a taxi in sight. We walked around aimlessly for what seemed like forever, until someone had the brilliant idea to call an uber. I had heard of this app, but having never used it felt unsure about its legitimacy. With no other choice, we opened up our phone and requested a driver. In less than three minutes, a kind gentleman who spoke perfect English (in an American accent, nonetheless) picked us up in an immaculate car and drove us home for a fraction of the price of a taxi.

This is the real deal, folks. A private driver, summoned by the touch of the finger, with arrival time estimates, a live GPS map (and a tiny car icon that tells you where your driver is), the details of your driver, as well as the make/model of the car he/she is driving, all cheaper than a normal taxi. The best part (besides the cheaper fares) is that no money is exchanged in the car. Everything is done via your phone and payment details that are saved in the app.

Uber has saved me and friends a countless number of times--during Hurricane Sandy, a few friends in New York City were having trouble getting taxis to and from work/home...Uber to the rescue. One time we forgot our wallet but had our phone and needed a taxi...Uber to the rescue. Just last week we needed a taxi since public transport had finished up for the night, but not a single taxi was at the taxi stand...Uber to the rescue.

So if you haven't tried Uber yet, we'd love to give you a reason to! Download the app to your phone, and when you request your first ride, use the code TLGUber for 20 CHF off your first time* (which basically means your first ride is free and then some). We would love to hear what you think and what your experience was like, so please leave us feedback!

*You must be a FIRST TIME Uber user...if you've used it before, the code won't work!

Happy Uber-ing, Lausanne!

One thing to note: Uber uses something called 'surge pricing' during busy hours or high demand situations which increases the fare. Uber will always notify you when this is the case before you call for your driver. Read more here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Favorite Shops for Kids

Petit Toi

Whimsical, practical, charming, playful. From hand-crocheted dolls and superhero cape kits to designer cribs and Swiss branded clothing, it's all there and ready to be yours.

More information here.

Franz Carl Weber

From wooden to plastic, Barbies to Hot Wheels, and everything in between, this multistory toy store is sure to have what it is you're looking for. The stroller-accesible entrance is just behind, near Tribeca.

Image via.

This place isn't the most stroller/pram friendly (oh, the irony), but its multistory building with narrow aisles and steep staircases is over-flowing with every type of toy imaginable, and kind of reminds us of a place that would provide inspiration for a Lemony Snicket novel.

Image via.

For classic and quaint and some quintessential Swiss, go to Marelle. The wooden toys in the display window are enough to make your mouth drool (and your wallet thin out a bit). Even if you're not in the market for a children's toy, this boutique is worth a peruse, even just to admire the beauty found on its shelves.

Image via.

Du Pareil Au Meme

The clothing is exactly as it should be for a child: bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical characters+phrases make it fun to dress your littles. And the reasonable prices (especially during the soldes) will make it easier to do so.

Image via.

De la suite dans les idées

Walk in and go straight to the back (if you can resist browsing all of their other fun objects) and you'll find a room devoted to your littles. They carry brightly colored patterned sleep sacks, gorgeous fabrics, blankets, capes, vintage inspired toys, and one of our favorite French brand of early walking sock/shoes.

Image via

Other favorites:
Globus toy section
Payot Bookstore
FNAC Toys & Books
Little Mooshoo

Do you have any stores that should be added to the list?

Monday, March 23, 2015

LG Giveaway: A Night of Jazz

The weather for this Wednesday looks cold and dim, but something tells us it's the perfect time to retreat inside, grab a drink, and listen to live jazz. Doesn't that sound like a dream?

We and our friends from Jazz In Motion are giving away two tickets to their first ever jazz event happening this Wednesday at 20h30 right here in Lausanne

To win, leave a comment below giving us the first word that comes to mind when you think of jazz. We will randomly select a winner and announce on Tuesday morning! Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to Emily Plank for winning two tickets to the Gilad Hekselman Trio! We will contact you about how to claim your tickets. And honestly, even if we used a random number generator, your answer made us chuckle--LOVE Parks & Rec! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bon Weekend!

Made us cry (and have a moment of self-reflection).

We're dreaming of beach holidays and thought this one piece was cute.

Also this jumpsuit.

And since we're speaking about warmer weather and clothing, here are our favorite shoes. EVER.

An interesting article about bilingualism and personality shifting.

Swiss avalanche rescue caught on camera. Only watch if you can handle stress!! :/

Just pre-ordered this book (and perfect gift for parents of little ones!).

What are you doing this Saturday? Well you should be going to this and drinking a delicious spring beer.

This lovely spring/summer wreath.

Made us laugh.

Great recipe for a brunch with friends.

Our friend Nicola's Ikea hot air balloon hack was featured in a Buzzfeed article!

And speaking of Ikea--did you hear about this? Hilarious!

We're obsessed with Jimmy Fallon--if you haven't seen any of his shows (and are looking to kill some time), take a look at this lip sync battle, this breakdance conversation, and this rap (and then binge watch the rest of his youtube videos).

And if you haven't already, make sure to take advantage of the 10% off at cullycully using the promo code LAUSANNEGUIDE...good until next Thursday!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where to shop in Lausanne: sure not to miss the promo code below...

A couple weeks ago while perusing the web, we came across a remarkable little company based just down the Lake Road in Cully. A couple of excited text messages to one another later, we had both placed our first orders of products from cullycully and we are delighted to report that we LOVE them…

The brand features products that take a fresh, quirky, non-cliché approach to Swiss-made and Swiss-inspired. We were immediately drawn to their cotton shopping bags with local colloquial expressions…

For our non-Swiss readers:
Ca va le chalet ? – Are you crazy ?
(also available) Il n’y a pas le feu au lac – The Lake is not on fire, or calm/slow down
(also available) Das isch tip top – That’s the best (Swiss German)

…and to the greeting cards with graphic renditions of Swiss sites and animals that you color in yourself (talk about an awesome craft to send home to the grandparents!)

They also have a sweet line of products for kids including giant coloring pages of Swiss traditional scenes including La Poya and temporary tattoos of icons of Swiss living…We've got kids' birthday gifts set for at least the next six months :).

Even if just to have your faith restored in creativity and beautiful design, be sure to check out cullycully’s site! We’re pretty sure you’re going to love what you see.

We were so enthused that we reached out to cullycully to ask if they would consider a discount for people interested in discovering their products, and they agreed to graciously offer Lausanne Guide readers a special 10% discount when you place your order using the promo code LAUSANNEGUIDE. Thanks cullycully!

The offer is good from today until March 26, so place your order soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What to do in Lausanne: Upcoming cultural events

We haven't done an event post in a while, but we felt like we needed to let you guys know about two great cultural events taking place this week and next week that we plan to attend...

Thursday, March 19, from 6:00pm: Our friend Vernon Dubner is hosting an art opening for the latest exhibit at his gallery the DubnerModerne. We were lucky enough to get a preview last week and can tell you that the works on display are lovely. Artists Isca Greenfield-Sanders and Sebastian Blanck will be in attendance to discuss their pieces.

Wednesday, March 25, 8:30pm: We've gotten wind of a new Jazz Association in town that will be planning events through out the year - their first concert is next Wednesday night and will feature the Gilad Hekselman Trio all the way from NYC. More details on their site:

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