Friday, May 27, 2016

Bon Weekend

Sunshine!!!! How great is it to leave your coat at home?! Our weekend is full of chores, but we won't complain if the weather stays this sweet. We hope that you've got plenty of outdoor plans and fun people to spend them with. Read on for a few of the things that caught our eye on the web this week.

Why are prices so high in Switzerland? Myths debunked.

The Obama's need to change addresses at the end of the year, but their new digs aren't too shabby.

Did you know that there's such thing as a professional baby name consultant?! Gees, people!

Does power really corrupt?

Ha! A crime of necessity, we would argue...

We LOVE this wall lamp. Anyone know where we could buy something like it without spending $1,000?

Basel schools are thinking of giving more vacation to non-smoking employees!

True dat.

Local Jewelry Designer Baies d'Erelle and local Blogger Blaastyle collaborated on a beautiful new collection.

We've always wanted to visit this place during summer.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Design Your Terrace for Summer

Our friend Jackie has what you could call a knack for entertaining. No gathering, small or large, formal or informal, can stress her. Seated dinner for 30? Baby shower for 12? Cocktail party for 150? We've attended all of the above at Jackie's home. We love to watch her in action and even more to be recipients of her unparalleled hospitality.

But Jackie knows, as much as any host or hostess, that space is everything. Having a comfortable setting for hosting friends allows you to jet off to the kitchen for last minute preparations or to grab another bottle of wine before anyone even realizes that their glass is empty.

That's why last summer, she hired friend and architectural/interior designer Charles Fletcher to come and make over her terrace. He did a fabulous job! And we would know because nearly all of our free summer evenings were spent up there last year...

We asked him to share some of his wisdom about how to approach any outdoor space and transform it into a perfect entertaining canvas.

Over to you, Charles...


People use their terraces most when they feel comfortable.  If you enjoy spending time outdoors, no matter the climate, make sure you set up your terrace to that effect.
  1. Define the space you are going to use.  Will you mainly be dining, lounging, entertaining, or all of the above?

  2. Once that decision is made, make sure leave space for the main purpose.  Meaning, if you want to lounge, leave enough space for a very comfortable sofa and perhaps an ottoman to put your feet up.  If you only occasionally use the space for dining, you can make that ottoman work as a low dining table.  On the other hand, if you love to entertain your guests with a beautiful and delicious dining experience, find the right table for your deck that will accommodate your ideal number.  If you occasionally just want to relax, find two comfortable chairs that will act as both dining chairs and relaxing armchairs. 

  3. Indoor/Outdoor space defined.  Find your definition of Indoor/Outdoor space.  Is it important for you to have plants surrounding you for a natural and intimate feeling?  Do you want your terrace to be considered an extension of your home - another room added to the living areas that gets used just as much?  One way is to coordinate your palette.  Whether it be with a simple pillow color, umbrella color, or outdoor rug, make sure your transition is as visually seamless as possible.

  4. Speaking of intimacy - plants, lighting and rugs!  These are my favorite items to use. Plants are key to a visually stunning space. Scale and color of your plants will play a big part in the visual texture of your terrace.  Lighting is key to intimacy as well.  Find the right lighting that is not too bright but also bright enough to see the satisfied faces on your guests.  Usually, if you uplight your surrounding plants, you will achieve the perfect level of lighting.  I LOVE to use outdoor rugs to define the most important space.  There are so many options out there now for outdoor rugs you can much more easily find one to fit your personality.

  5. ScALe.  whatever you do, measure first! find the right scale for your space.  Whether it be a sofa, dining table, storage or lounge chairs, they need to fit comfortably.  Also, don't be afraid to get some height.  Use plants/trees, floor lamps, umbrellas, or taller storage cabinets if you have the space.  Just, of course, don't block your view if you have one.

Lausanne and surrounding areas offer many options for any budget.  From Pfister to Conforama, furniture and accessories can be found in many places and in many forms.  Jumbo is an ideal place for plants and some furniture as well. 

Speaking of...don't forget to make your terrace work for you as well. An herb garden and/or a tomato plant is very pretty as well as satisfying when you need that one ingredient but forgot to pick it up at the store.  If you have a view of your terrace in the winter, evergreens are also a good choice so you can enjoy the view on those snowy Lausanne days.

My love for redefining a space based on personal interests and discovery led me into interior design.  Having my Masters in Architecture and working as a residential architect for the last 15+ years inevitably led me to realize the importance of how well you surround yourself inside a space is just as relevant, and most of the time, more relevant than just trusting what you own will fit into where you choose to live.  I loved discovering that it's ok to let go of pieces that just don't work and replacing them with pieces that harmonize a space.  This includes, color, lighting, rugs, art, etc.  Helping a client realize a space that defines who they are but also takes it to a place they never thought possible is a highly satisfying aspect of my job.

The beauty of this idea, is that it can be done on ANY budget.  A paint color is not an expensive thing to change and can transform a room in one day.  Correct lighting is also an inexpensive way redefine a space.  The options are endless.  Yes, that statement can be overwhelming, but once you've completed a project and see the outcome, you will always ask yourself "Why didn't I do this sooner?"  So get started! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23 - 30

What a gloomy Monday... We wish we could just stay under the covers until the sunshine comes back! In better news, next weekend is jam-packed with fabulous events to check out. Here's what's on our calendar:

Get a peak into the galleries and art studios of the Flon at this year's Flon Art event taking place on Friday and Saturday this week. Stage performances, installations, and guided tours are also on the docket, so it sounds like a fantastic event!

This Friday evening is Fête des Voisins. If you're building isn't already organizing something, consider putting together a little apéro and inviting your neighbors to swing by. A little friendly exchange can go a long way when you have to ask them to turn their music down at 3am... ;)

Have you heard about silent discos? On Friday night head up to the area just outside the Cathedral to see it for yourself. Bring your own music (and headphones) and rock the night away to the beat of your own drummer! Tickets available here.

Wanting update to your house or apartment? You may want to check out the major sale this Saturday at Uniquement Vôtre, a local furniture store that specializes in design and vintage pieces.

If you're looking for an offbeat date night, or perhaps just enjoy watching awkward teenagers, Luna Park is on for two more weeks in Ouchy. There will be romantic ferris wheel rides, first kisses and lots of drama... ;)

Thanks to Sofia for giving us some encouragement this week to get out and hunt at local flea markets! Our first opportunity is this weekend at the Cully Broc'.

Inspired to test your green thumb this year? On Saturday, Prilly Buvette La Galicienne is hosting a sale of all the equipment you need to set up your balcony garden.

Or, if you're near Mon Repos, swing by Folie Voltaire to take a look at the last Greek imports from company ShoppingTherapy.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bon Weekend

It's the weekend!!! And it looks like Saturday is going to be gor.geous. We can't wait to get some more sunshine. Our weekend is full of celebrations: more new babies (honestly, there must be something in the water) and tearful goodbyes to friends that are leaving us for new jobs an ocean away. We'll also be swing by Swiss Fashion Point tomorrow morning - will we see you there?

The real reason women spend so much time getting ready... What do you think?!

Sherly Sandberg's graduation address hit home this week.

How delicious does this look?!

A philosophical defense of fashion - and SUCH a beautifully written article.

Good news for those looking for organic, local products in Lausanne!

Would you wake up at run in Lausanne at 5:30am? This event might be for you...

One of us just spent 9 glorious days at this hotel in Greece and we absolutely must recommend.

Ever wondered what it would be like to climb Mount Everest? Use Snapchat to join mountaineers attempting to summit this week without supplemental oxygen... #respect

Win a chance to spend the night in the Eiffel Tower!

Swiss St. Bernard meets the Pope.

And finally, have you seen the latest version of Heidi? We don't speak Swiss German, but that doesn't mean the trailer didn't make us cry...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

8 Tips for Flea Market Shopping in Vaud

Today it is our GREAT pleasure to introduce you to talented fellow Lausanne blogger Sofia of When we first started The Lausanne Guide over 4 years ago (!), there weren't many other people in Lausanne cultivating the blogosphere, so you can image our delight when we first saw Sofia's gorgeous culinary and déco creations. Since then, we've been gaining inspiration in the kitchen and in our homes from her ideas, stunning photos and adorable short videos.

She's got an eye for the potential in the cast off, used items that fill the region's flea markets, so we asked her to share with us her tips for a successful flea market haul. We hope you enjoy and encourage you to head over to her blog today to see how she's turned one man's trash into her personal treasure!

Over to you, Sofia...


I think lots of us living here in Switzerland struggle with having an IKEA showcase apartment – an apartment pretty much furnished solely with IKEA furniture because it’s the most affordable option around. I had the same issue and continuously try to balance it out with unique pieces I find at flea markets or brocantes/vide-greniers in the region.

I thought it would be fun to share my top 8 tips for flea market shopping around here because I have learnt a lot along the way!

1.    Plan ahead and note the dates in your agenda

This is the best website to keep track of up-and-coming flea markets in the whole canton. Also, keep an eye out for banners along the roadside. Don’t expect to find out about them on Facebook.

A few good ones coming up are the Brocante de Lutry and Cully Broc.

2.    Remember, the further away from town (and the lake), the better

As you probably know, the last Sunday of every month there is a huge vide grenier in La Riponne. They have great stuff but the prices are pretty ridiculous. I find the best deals are always outside of town and away from the lake in places like Oron-la-ville, Moudon or Nyon.

3.    Have an idea of what you’re looking for beforehand

I always have a little mental list of things I would like to buy. Don’t expect to find them immediately, but having a list makes you more likely to see them and see the potential amongst mounds of what can sometimes just feel like mess.

At the moment, I’m on the look out for copper saucepans and silver cutlery for food photos, pretty pots or big mugs to plant succulents in and old dining room chairs that I could paint.

4.    Lower those expectations

You’ve got to be ready to drive somewhere fairly remote and not find anything you like – that’s just the way these things work. I tend to take my mum’s dog along and walk around with her to make the most of the drive. Most of these places are outside and very dog friendly.

5.    Get there very early or very late

I would recommend getting there super early for the gems that everyone will want or very late (1-2 hours before the stalls close) when the vendors are most willing to drop their prices.

6.    Bring change and a big enough bag

Most brocantes around here aren’t very close to an ATM so make sure to take cash and no big 100 CHF notes that will just annoy the vendors. Bringing a basket is always a good idea, too, as they rarely have bags.

7.    Don’t be afraid to negotiate but know when to stop

Initially, when I started going to flea markets here I was hesitant to negotiate because I didn’t think it would go down well. Don’t be afraid to negotiate but don’t push it either. Oh, and don’t try the whole I’m not interested approach hoping they will lower the asking price themselves to keep you there – it won’t happen. State how much you’re willing to pay straight away and go from there.

8.    When you’re not sure, ask

I remember buying a glass caraf  or pitcher once and being really happy with it. A few days later I saw the exact same one in the Migros for 1 CHF less than I had paid. I felt like a total idiot. I am still no expert but now when I think I might be being ripped off, I just ask a little bit about where it came from. People around here are pretty honest if you take the time to talk to them and show a real interest.

9.    Consider travelling a little further out of town

I didn’t include this one in my 8 tips because it’s not regional but I had to tell you about it! My all time favourite flea market is in Lyon and if you’re really into thrift shopping, Les Puces du Canal is definitely worth the drive over.

I hope I’ve been able to help some of you thrift shoppers out there and thanks so much to Tanya and Sarah for having me!

If you want to check out my favourite flea market purchases in my home, they are on my blog today. Have a great day! xS

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17 - 22

Image by the talented Gabriel.

Good Morning, Lausanne!

Oh boy, did we have a big week off line. We got some exciting things taken care of like, you know, having a baby (!). More on that later, but for now...

You can always tell when summer is on its way because the exciting events just keep coming. This week is no exception:

Can't get enough of street food festivals? Vevey is hosting one this weekend from Friday night to Sunday. And in case you like your festival food a bit more upscale, the Hotel du Lac and Couronne d'Or are organizing an amazing Parcours Gourmand on Sunday.

Anyone for a game of tennis? The Geneva Open is on this week! Tickets are still available.

This Saturday head over to the Espace démArt in the FLON for Swiss Fashion Point, a pop-up store hosting 14 Swiss fashion labels (clothes, jewelry, accessories). Doors open from 10am to 8pm.

Geneva's Nuit des Musées takes place this weekend.

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9 - 16 & Une Petit Pause

Hey guys! We assume you all know by now, but both of us are pregnant and one of us will be having a baby, like, tomorrow (no exaggeration), while the other one goes off to enjoy one last hurrah on her baby moon in Greece. We thought about chugging along but decided it was best to take a short weeklong(ish) break. We can't wait to share all of the good news (new babies, new collaborations and much much more!). In the meantime, have a wonderful week and enjoy some of these events in and around Lausanne:

  • And while you're (responsibly) traversing from cave to cave, why not check out the Perch Festival too or the Deep Roots party where you can experience everything from techno dancing to Vinyasa flow yoga...all while drinking local wine of course.
  • If that's not enough excitement, this weekend is the second annual Food Truck Festival in downtown Lausanne! This year it will be bigger (it's in Place de la Riponne AND Place de la Palud) and last two days!
  • If you're up for a drive, there's a strawberry festival in Riddes (close to the 4 valleys) where there will be free strawberry tasting, activities for the littles, and live music!

Have a great week, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook while we're away!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Bon Weekend

The gorgeous outdoor café at Château de Vullierens

We hope you had a wonderful day off yesterday (and if you're extending your holiday today, have a great long weekend!)--we are looking forward to the next few days full of sunshine. Here are some links that caught our eye from around the web this week:

If you missed our post yesterday, you still have time to win a pair of tickets to our favorite gardens in Vaud! Our Château de Vullierens Jardins des Iris Giveaway will be continuing all day today!

Also, if you're looking for what's going on this weekend, check out our Monday post.

Why Emma Watson wore trash (and looked gorgeous) to the MET gala.

What adorable bookends for a child's room!

Some insight into Radiohead's newest track 'Burn the Witch.'

Ellen is the best. And this guest's reaction is too.

An interesting article about the gender divide in children's toys...why must we choose between blue or pink?!

Wow, these earrings are simply stunning.

Gwen Stefani did Carpool Karaoke with George Clooney and Julia Roberts buckled in the back. Enough said.

Anyone highly sensitive to gluten? Then you may want to get one of these.

There are Harry Potter fans, then there are Harry Potter fans.

We had to do a double-take with some of these photographs.

Every child needs one of these...and now La Redoute carries them!

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