Maybe it was the rain outside. Maybe it was the gray morning light. Maybe it was the gorgeous reading material or the smell of fresh coffee. But something, something positively delicious, gave us chills as we entered this charming new space just south of St-François.

Coffee Page is part coffee shop, part bookstore. Owner Jean Kehlhofer wants you to come and linger over the things he loves the most – a carefully crafted cup of coffee, homemade cakes, and artistic coffee table books. The reading materials are available for purchase but also for enjoying sur place. Carefully selected titles cover topics like digital journalism, architecture, outdoor living, and fly fishing.

There’s even a book about living with plants. Niche? No doubt. Interesting? Absolutely.

In fact, everything about this little haven is meant to allow you to feed your curiosity and escape into reflection. In a world where time to disconnect from our devices and settle into a physical space with paper reading is an ultimate luxury, Coffee Page is an extravagance.

Coffee Page Lausanne
Rue du Midi 20, 1003 Lausanne

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