The quiet countryside roads continued to wind and wrap around fields, the sun starting to dip behind the tall pines leaving us to wonder whether we were even going in the right direction. But, as if on cue, we spotted a small sign directing us to the Auberge, and turned into a lot next to a field of sheep and a charming church.

Smoke rose from the chimney of the attached Auberge; it smelled of wood fire and wet grass–the verdant surroundings and welcomed stillness reminded us that we weren’t in the thick of the city anymore. And it was glorious.

Though it was chilly and the sun was disappearing, we opted to sit on the back terrace for an apéro under the fairy lights. We can imagine many a summer nights in this garden, our children running in the grass while we sip on a Vaudois version of spritz.

As if the charming location and edifice aren’t enough, it’s the ethos and spirit of the Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron that really makes it special. Chef Rafael Rodiguez and his team are passionate about reinventing how we see and consume local products. On the menu, you’ll encounter curious flavor combinations like fera from the lake marinated in verjus, beef filet topped with walnut wine, or the infamous “Alpine Mojito” dessert. They make an effort to source from local farmers, and even use the neighboring soil and land to provide items and inspiration for their dishes.

For this reason, we couldn’t recommend a specific dish–as the menu is constantly changing according to what is available and what is inspiring to the chef and his team.

Inside the Auberge, the atmosphere is cozy, the service is warm and familiar, and the plating, the food offerings, and the flavors are next level.

Three different types of home-made butter accompanied by home-made bread? Yes, please.

Smoked stracciatella made from local milk? Absolutely.

Though you’ll find plenty of meat options on the menu, we found that the vegetarian plates were the show-stealers. The level of creativity and the flavor combinations were enough to have us thinking we could give up meat forever…maybe.

We used the Insider feature of La Fourchette to book our table which you can find here. We whole-heartedly recommend this place for special occasions, rare date nights, or when you’re looking for a spot outside of the hustle & bustle of the city.

Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron

Route de l’Abbaye 2, 1053 Montheron

021 731 73 73


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