The other day I was having a rare moment to myself; the kids were in school, I had a cup of hot coffee in hand, the windows were open and sunlight was pouring into the living room. The couch was beckoning me to delay work and have a seat, maybe open up that magazine I’ve been meaning to read for over a month. I made my way toward the couch and my foot was greeted with something wet & sticky: spilled milk from breakfast. I began to clean the mess and my eye caught a few watercolor stains on the hardwood floor–which led to me finding crumbs hiding under the coffee table. Bending down to clean the crumbs, I noticed a plethora of surprises under the couch (some toys, lots of dust, and a piece of dried meat from a birthday party weeks before). And before I knew it, I was maniacally vacuuming and wiping and spraying and disinfecting and my magazine was left unopened…another morning with a missed opportunity to allow myself to just be.

With young kids in the house, we usually spend our day tidying but rarely have the time to really give the house a good clean. MénageSimple wants to take that off your hands.

So when MénageSimple, a new cleaning service here in Lausanne, reached out to us to try their services, we thought the timing couldn’t have been better. We had recently thrown a party for our now 3-year-old (hence the case of the dried meat under the couch), and though we aim for our house to always be tidy, it was time for it to be thoroughly cleaned.

What we thought we were getting was a standard, old-school type of cleaning service where you have to sign a contract, set up regular cleaning appointments, and hustle to the store to ensure your cleaning pantry is stocked with all the necessary products. What we actually encountered with MénageSimple was entirely different and pleasantly surprising.

The website is easy and intuitive–it allows you to customize your experience, from the hours you require, the number of cleaners you’d like to come, to what you would like cleaned and much more.

MénageSimple requires no contracts, you can book as frequently or infrequently as you wish, and your cleaner arrives with ALL THE PRODUCTS. Honestly, with the current life season we find ourselves in, where we are over-committed most of the time, it’s refreshing to have things in our lives that require little or no commitment but have huge benefits. With MénageSimple, you can decide last minute that you need a service, book online or using their simple app, and you can even send personalized notes to your cleaner (and watch her arrive at your home and leave in real time using the app).

The app is easy and intuitive: just select the services you want, how frequent (or just one time), and choose from available time slots. They even have an a la carte menu for specific needs or requests!

The other huge advantage of using MénageSimple is knowing that all of their cleaners are earning a fair and competitive wage, are certified, insured, and have been thoroughly trained. Our cleaner was professional, kind, and extremely efficient–we couldn’t believe her hustle!

Long neglected corners were cleaned. It felt like coming home to a brand new apartment.

She arrived and left according to the time slot that was booked–and when I walked into the apartment it was like everything was made new. Long neglected corners were sparkling clean, she had moved furniture, scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed until everything was restored to its original glory.

And now we want you to experience this euphoric feeling too! Get 20 chf off your booking by clicking here. Breathe in, breathe out, and make the time to open up that magazine.

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  1. I am glad you had a good experience with them – but we were very disappointed with their services. I know it probably depends on the cleaner you get, but I wouldn’t recommend them or use them again.

  2. Thank you very much for this article! I totally agree with you, I loved how easy it is to book their service and the cleaner was friendly and on time. The fact that she came with her own products was a really big plus for me, as I had a previous experience with another company where some things could not be finished because I did not have all the right products.

  3. Jean-Pierre Ansermet Reply

    Hi, thanks a lot for this recommendation! I loved my maid and that the company brought their own cleaning products. I was not able to get the app working perfectly but since it’s new they might fix it soon. Thanks a lot!

  4. I can only agree with your nice article! I’m using them for more than a year now and am so happy to enjoy my time doing stuff I like and then coming back to a clean house and most importantly (for me) the ironing being done much better than I ever would! Indeed having the cleaning products included is a massive plus because I don’t need to buy anything that way 🙂

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