We know, we know…it’s Coop. We know it’s a massive supermarket chain with a massive budget. We know it’s been around for a couple of months and for some of you, the verdict is still out (and for others, it’s a hard NO). But before you grab your soapbox or roll your eyes, let’s take a step back and see what this space, and what these products mean for Lausanne, and really, the future of shopping in general. Also, we’d like to say that this post IS NOT sponsored–we’re just two people who are looking for a decent grocery shopping experience here in Switzerland. And can you blame us?

If you’re new to the Fooby brand or haven’t swung by the new store in Bel-Air, it’s a sub-brand of Coop that concentrates on creative recipes and cooking inspiration. Their recipes are innovative, they don’t shy away from flavor, and the photography on their website and in their magazines is downright gorgeous.

So when we saw that they were opening up a physical store here in Lausanne, we wondered how Fooby as a brand would translate to Fooby as a retail store–and we have to tell you, it.is.glorious.

Inside the store, you feel as if you’ve been transported to the likes of Dean & Deluca in New York, or Eataly in Milan. You’re greeted with the smell of fresh-baked bread being pulled out of ovens by on-site bakers, a full espresso bar with seats along the floor-to-ceiling windows perfect for people watching, and rows of freshly prepared food to-go…and this is just the entrance.

There’s a butcher, a fish monger (with a fumoir where they smoke their own fish), and a cheese monger. There are fresh salads & sandwiches, poke bowls & hot dishes prepared for lunches, plus all of the traditional produce and Coop products (hello Betty Bossi).

But in addition, they also have begun to look toward a more sustainable shopping experience—a couple of bulk foods walls where you can fill up your glass jars with grains and beans, nuts and dried fruits. Packaged-free fruit and vegetables. An olive oil station with glass bottles and a tap, and also a beauty & wellness floor featuring fair trade and eco-responsible products.

And while Fooby/Coop are making a sustainable gesture–it’s exactly that: a gesture. There is still the standard plastic packaging on most of their food products, and the underlying question about how much waste is being produced by a massive grocery chain.

BUT! (yes, there’s a but) We feel there’s a level of acknowledgment that is due to the fact that such a huge supermarket chain is at least making an effort toward sustainable thinking and options. Do we still prefer to shop at small local businesses? Of course. But to open up this type of shopping experience to the masses, to get the conversation started amongst an average consumer is, we think, a step in the right direction.

So while Fooby and Coop aren’t necessarily starting a full out sustainable food revolution, we have to tip our hats and say we’re excited about what this may mean for the future of grocery shopping here in Lausanne. Also, did we mention the store is gorgeous?


Rue des Terreaux 2, 1003 Lausanne

021 213 89 90

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 7am-6pm

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