This week, the team behind Le Pointu revealed their latest undertaking – another beautiful restaurant importing international trends and influences to Lausanne.

Called “Loxton,” the restaurant shares its name with cities in Australia, England and South Africa – an appropriate moniker for an establishment that describes itself as international bistro dining and that brings together design influences from the world’s trendiest cities.

If Le Pointu represents global hipsterism par excellence, Loxton is his elegant and more sophisticated older sister. And we’re smitten by her charm.

Set in what used to be the Karma restaurant, perched above Rue Centrale and just across the street from Globus, Loxton replaced the heavier blacks and reds of the former occupant with a stunning palette of softer pastels and vibrant white. Airy and elegant, she mixes minimalist Scandinavian design with modern, artistic elements designed by local artist Martina Billson. The transformation alone is worth a visit!

At the helm of the renovation project was local blogger and interior designer Sofia Clara, whose talent for creating cozy and beautiful spaces was already proven through her work at Le Pointu. If you enjoy a good before and after story, check out the videos she’s published on her YouTube channel about the project. This girl has got a gift!

Carrying the international influences to the menu, the chef has put together a limited but varied selection of dishes inspired by food trends the world over. Swiss mac & cheese sits alongside ceviche, bao burgers, curry, and surf & turf.

Though we love a good Vaudois brasserie as much as the next lausannois(e), we are delighted to see Lausanne’s food options expanding yet again. We’re looking forward to many more breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Loxton. This one is going to be a shining star on the Lausanne dining scene without a doubt.

Rue du Pont 22
1003 Lausanne


  1. Hung Seng Tan Reply

    We decided to make a reservation at Loxton after reading the rave review, but had a totally disappointing experience. The decor and space were interesting but the food was absolutely horrible. I ordered the duck on waffle, which is an interesting concept but the waffle was rock hard. Same thing with my wife’s avocado toast. After we complained, the staff admitted that they were re-heated! Over priced and definitely not worth a visit. Avoid it.

    • We are so sorry to hear about that! It certainly is a surprise to us, as we frequent Loxton and have never experienced something like this. Sorry again that you were disappointed!

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