We’ve got a history with Dr. Gab’s, because in some way we’ve kind of grown up together. You see, Dr. Gab’s was one of our very first articles on this site back in 2012. We showed up to their tiny chalet in Epalinges, big bulky cameras in-hand, slightly nervous, but passionate about covering a story of one of the first local craft breweries in Lausanne. And we were greeted by a few friends who were clearly just as passionate about sharing their craft–regardless of their humble surroundings.

This is one of the things that we love most about writing for The Lausanne Guide; it allows us to follow the journeys of local entrepreneurs and watch and cheer them on as they expand. We get to see the small seed grow into a larger, more substantial entity, and ultimately into something that makes Lausanne a much cooler place to live. And this is exactly what has happened with Dr. Gab’s

They moved from their tiny chalet in Epalinges where they were making 5,000 bottles a month, to a large brewery in Savigny where they moved up to 11,000 bottles per week, and have now expanded to the point where they have moved to a larger facility in Puidoux. And though their logo and bottle shape has changed since the start, their beer consistently remains to be a local favorite–and is no doubt going to become a national (and dare we say global?!) phenomenon. 

Congratulations to the team at Dr. Gab’s–they’re proof that creating something is much better when shared with friends. And it just so happens that beer is also better with friends too.

Dr. Gab’s

Order your beer online here.

Or schedule a visit to their brewery here.


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