As adopted citizens of Lausanne, just about everything in our lives sits somewhat at a cultural crossroads. French vs. English. Swiss serenity vs. Anglo-Saxon gumption. Crepes vs. pancakes. You know, all the important stuff.

There’s a new fusion restaurant in town that embraces that tension and brings something fresh and delicious that we never would have expected. This, dear readers, is Pancs. It’s a pancake restaurant that marries the French crepe with its fluffier American cousin.

Pancs is a celebration of our cross-cultural, mutual affection for slightly sweeten carbohydrates. Because we may disagree on the most effective form of capitalism, but we all know that everything is better when smothered in maple syrup, Nutella, or even hollandaise sauce. It’s a diplomatic feat, on a paper plate.

We tried the Benedict crepe with ham, spinach, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce as well as the ricotta, pineapple, and granola pancakes. Our meal was delicious and surprisingly light.

Although the restaurant has a distinctly fast-food ambiance, the fresh, feminine decor feels a bit like you’ve walked into a 20-something’s Pinterest board with its gold light fixtures, gray and pink upholstery, and lots of greenery. And while the Instagrammableness (which is, for the record, not a word) of the whole experience stops when the food arrives on paper plates and is served with plastic cutlery, we appreciate having an affordable, quick option in Lausanne that doesn’t require much forethought or reservations.

Welcome to Lausanne, Pancs. We’re glad you’re here!

Rue des Terreaux 2

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