For any burger to be considered “great” there are a few non-negotiables: a proper grill, good meat, and the perfect bun. This is a sort of elemental trinity of a burger. It’s so simple, it’s almost transcendent.

When I joined the Lausanne Guide team, Sarah and Tanya asked me to identify gaps in content where I could bring my expertise as a carnivorous Argentinian to bear. I accepted their challenge and set off in the pursuit of the best burger in town. Believing that two stomachs are better than one, I asked my good friend Rui to join me on my quest.

In the last few months, we’ve visited several numbers of restaurants and eaten a few (a lot!) of burgers, looking for Lausanne’s juiciest, freshest, and most tempting burger. And in this series, we’ll share our favorites with you.

We structured our review around a few specific criteria. Of course, the flavor is paramount, but we also took ambiance, service, background music, presentation and temperature of the burger into consideration.

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight. For our first stop, we headed over to Inglewood Lausanne.

Inglewood Lausanne

You might find this place always packed, and this is because the service (and location) is great! It wasn’t our first time here: the presentation of the burger, the friendly staff and the nice ambiance inside will always keep us coming back. To ‘test’ them,  we ordered two of the most appetizing options on the menu: the Honey Goat and the Valaisan.

Inglewood: The Honey Goat burger

Goat cheese, honey, salad, and meat – a combination that sparked our curiosity.

The Bun

[3 out of 5]
It was fluffy and fresh, but too many seeds for these teeth.


[4 out of 5]
We suggest that you ask for your burger well-done, so the honey doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the meat. The taste of the burger is quite fair.


[4 out of 5] Lettuce, goat cheese, mustard, honey and bacon! Downside: only two slides of bacon on the burger.

Overall Honey goat burger:
  • Bun, as we mentioned way too many seeds, if you don’t mind, just be careful if you are having your first date 😉
  • Good presentation and fresh salad, with a very nice Inglewood sauce
  • The combination of burger + honey + goat cheese was just perfect, seriously.

Inglewood: Valaisan Inglewood burger

Picture this…a warm burger with melted raclette cheese coming down on the sides. The meat on this burger is a bit special, it has more spices, maybe too much pepper in it, but perhaps it’s intentional to balance the flavor of the cheese on top (though we still think they could go easier on the pepper). Also warning: the onions are almost raw, so careful with that (or bring a lot of mint gum for after). This burger is simple and very tasty.

The Bun

[3 out of 5]
Same as before, we found that the bread had too many seeds.


[3 out of 5]
The burger was OK, maybe a bit too small in relation to the rest of the ingredients. We didn’t know but this came with much more pepper than the previous burger.

The cheese factor

[5 out of 5] The melted Swiss cheese buoyed it up with an extra creaminess, not too much. Talking about flavors, the raclette is strong enough to mix perfectly fine with the meat.


[5 out of 5] Raclette cheese that seeps into every beefy crevice thanks to a final “cloche-ing” on the griddle. Lettuce, caramelized onions with a few pickels.

Things that we like of Valaisan burger:
  • Mealted raclette cheese on top, well played Inglewood, well played.
  • The pickels were perfect in the mix, simple and tasty
  • Definitely a burger for the cheese lovers

French fries

[5 out of 5] YES, to their french fries: crispy and in the right temperature! you really want to dip them into ketchup or simply eat them au natural. And the critical moment we all encounter: should I start with the fries, or do I start with the burger? Decisions!

Side salad

[5 out of 5]  Listen, it looks fresh and it tastes fresh. We are only including it in this review because it was taking almost the same amount of space than our french fries, If you want to cover my plate entirely with food, offer us more french fries 😉

Drink selection

[3 out of 5]
This is nothing against the current offering or brands, but we found that the offering was quite limited, we would like to see more variety of local brews


Overall Inglewood burgers

Good service and value for the money

Well done burgers with fresh side salads with crispy chips

Their Local beers go very well with most of the burgers options (it would be great to have a bit of more options)

We preferred Honey goat burger over Valaisan



Address: Rue Saint-Laurent 14, 1003 Lausanne
Hours: Monday to Saturday· 11:30AM–2:15PM, 6:30–9:30PM – Sundays is closed
Phone: 021 323 63 88

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