Picture this: heading out shopping with your girlfriends and you stumble upon a charming space–chalk-drawn floral motifs cover the walls, and racks of clothing are arranged by color and pattern and style–all little treasures and all for a very affordable price. The space is welcoming & the gorgeous vintage chairs and sofas invite you to try out some “slow shopping.” So you order a cappuccino from their bar, the backsplash an eclectic mix of colorful tiles, and you sit and chat and meander. You sift through blouses and sequin dresses, platform shoes and crossbody bags, and you wonder what their story was, what former life they lived, and whether you could somehow fit that item into a new story of your own.

Morgane and Mélodia opened up Café des Patronnes, a second-hand boutique and café, just over a week ago and already there is quite a buzz. While second-hand clothing isn’t new to Switzerland (our calendars are filled with vide-dressings during the summer months, and a few second-hand boutiques already exist in Lausanne but focus on designer brands), Morgane and Melodia decided to focus on aesthetic rather than brands. Many of the items are from past seasons of popular retail chains, while a few are from lesser-known brands, or may have a tag missing completely. For them, if it’s fun, if it’s special, or if it’s on-trend they’ll take it…which leads us to the next exciting part of their boutique.

If you’re anything like us, you find yourself purging your closet every once in awhile and have a moment of realization that 1. you’ve amassed a crapload of items that you do not wear any more and 2. it seems so sad to just dump them in a donation bin right away. The beauty in Café des Patronnes is that you can bring your clothing and/or accessories to them, and if they fit their aesthetic they will sell the item for you and give you 50% of the profit. Not only do you give your clothes a chance at a new life, but you can also get a little pocket cash for them too! Win-win.

We absolutely love the idea of combining a café with a boutique, and there is something oddly satisfying about second-hand shopping–hunting for that special something, or the thrill of never knowing what treasure you may find. We will be back again soon! It’s tough to say no to coffee & clothes…especially when it’s in the same location.

Café des Patronnes

Rue de Valentin 43, 1004 Lausanne

Follow them on Facebook to learn more about their stock, or to learn about donating your own items.

Contact: cafedespatronnes@gmail.com

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