It was approaching 7:15pm…we had a tough day with work and kids and overbooked schedules and not enough time and…the list goes on, right? Every ounce in our being was telling us to pour a glass of wine and turn on Netflix (because all of those episodes of Gilmore Girls aren’t going to watch themselves!) but we resisted the urge. We put on our fitness gear and ran out the door.

BEAT Fitness aims to eliminate every single excuse we may create to not get out and exercise. Early riser? Great. BEAT has classes for you as early as 6:45am. Are you struggling to get a workout in after work? BEAT has classes for you as late as 7:45pm. Are you constantly running late? No problem, you reserve your spot when you book your class. Do you have a limited window to work out? Each BEAT class is 45 minutes long, giving you time to shower (with incredible products offered to you…one more thing not to worry about), dry off (towel is there for you too!), blow-dry your hair if need be (yep, available there too), and get to your next appointment. Hate commitment? No worries–BEAT is a pay-as-you-go model with no contracts, and no strings attached. Annoyed with gym bags? No need for one, as BEAT has all the equipment there for you, whether you are taking RIDE, HIIT, or FLOW.

We’ve taken our fair share of spinning classes both abroad and here in Switzerland. After a few classes here in La Suisse, we decided it just wasn’t for us. Maybe it was the fluorescent lights, maybe it was the stale music, or maybe it was the fact that we are not cyclists and we do not care about climbing a hill at a 45 degree angle so our knobs should be turned 565%. Enter BEAT: we put on our shoes (which are provided for you), clicked in, and the lights went off. A strand of fluorescent red, then blue dimly lit the room, we could hardly see our reflections in the mirror, let alone the neighbor riding next to us. The music begins: slow but strong, legs beginning to turn; eyes closed,  heart quickening. People are genuinely excited–you can feel it in the room and it’s contagious. What on earth is going to happen here in the next 45 minutes?

We won’t ruin the surprise for you, but we can tell you this: RIDE was the best spinning class we have taken in Switzerland. Hands down. And maybe it’s the endorphins talking, or the fact that we’ve lived here for almost 8 years, but we haven’t felt such a sense of empowerment and community in an exercise ever. People were cheering, people were sweating, people were struggling, but just as the instructor said at the beginning of the class–by the end we were all riding together. As one.  Isn’t that what group fitness is all about?

And the added bonus? Walking out of the class, feeling such a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, then seeing our almond milk, almond butter, cocao smoothies waiting for us like little glistening trophies chilling in ice. Perfection.

We will go ahead and say it: we’re addicted. And we can’t wait to try the HIIT and FLOW classes as well! If you are itching to try a totally different fitness experience. This is a TLG reader exclusive and will give you freedom to try any and all the classes you want, for 14 days, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Thanks BEAT for such an awesome ride. We will definitely be seeing you on the regular!

BEAT Fitness
Rue du Simplon 47, 1006 Lausanne



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