It’s commonly held that vegetarians and vegans are a happy, peaceful bunch. And while we could never completely abandon our steak frites or grilled lamb, we must admit that a visit to Lausanne’s new Végé Café left us full, energized and optimistic.
It’s unusual to find really kind service in Lausanne. Don’t get us wrong; there’s plenty of cordiality, but Végé Café takes it to a new level. Walking through the door, we were greeted not only by a bright, clean and colorful space but also by some of the sincerest hospitality we’ve come across in this town.
We’re a bit of a cumbersome crew these days with two large strollers and usually* well-behaved infants in tow. And yet, when we entered the restaurant, the owners welcomed us with a cheerful smile and immediately made arrangements to make sure we were comfortable.
The bustling lunch crowd was a mix of professionals, mothers and retirees all after the healthy and delicious cocktail of seasonal vegetables, lentils, chickpeas and grains that make up modern vegetarian and vegan eating. We even tried the vegan sausage because, why not?!


The restaurant is just up from Place Chauderon and a bit hidden from well worn roads, so you’ll need to know what you’re looking for. The search is a small price to pay for such an affordable, delicious and healthy lunch. Also worth noting, the imported Italian coffee is a refreshing change from the typical offer in most local restaurants.

Great coffee + uncluttered decor means that in off peak hours, Végé Café would be a great spot for catching up on emails or getting work done.

And if you’re lunching with kids, Végé Café’s hospitality extends to Lausanne’s little people too!

There’s definitely something special about this place and the people behind the counter. If you’re in search of a healthy meal and a warm welcome, we couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Végé Café
Rue du Maupas 75
021 683 13 53

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