We’re going to get straight to the point on this one—There is STILL time to request, receive and cast your ballot for the upcoming US presidential elections! Deadlines vary from state to state, with some requiring mail-in requests, so don’t waste any time.

Go here to look up your state’s registration procedures and deadlines and learn how to get your ballot.

We try not to get political on The Lausanne Guide, but this presidential election has been a new kind of crazy. We know that as expats, it can seem that our votes don’t have much impact, but Switzerland alone has over 30,000 eligible American voters.

As Americans living abroad, we have the unique ability to see first hand the ways that our foreign neighbors will experience the shock if we elect an unprepared protectionist. It is so important that this perspective is heard on Election Day. Imagine if all 30,000 of us cast our ballots for sanity and stability?! In case it’s not entirely clear who we will be voting for this week

Let’s make sure that our voice is heard!!

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