Chez Elle. We couldn’t have thought of a more appropriate name for this charming new café bar perched, almost hidden, above the steep streets of downtown. Its intimate and cozy dining room is set off of an open kitchen and framed by three open windows and a long banquette of colorful pillows.


If you get the feeling that you’ve just stepped into a friend’s well-decorated and exceedingly well-located apartment, you’re right on theme. Patrons Alex, Jess and Walt wanted to open a restaurant that would resemble an apartment and give each guest a dose of good old-fashioned hospitality.

The three long-time friends play off of each other marvelously, joking and discussing the day’s affairs while preparing to serve whatever limited menu they dreamed up together, sometimes a mere day before. Walt does the shopping; Jess and Alex run the kitchen. All three welcome diners and contribute their personalities to the alchemy of what makes this place feel unique.

So what’s on the menu? Hard to say. Every day is a new day, and the friends like to keep their options open. You can count on two to three mains and a dessert inspired by the season and what’s available locally. Fridays are reserved for burgers. (As they should be, we might add…) But if all this spontaneity and whimsy is a bit much for you, just check Facebook in the morning for a picture of what they’re cooking up that day.

Chez Elle is open from morning to night, carrying us through coffee, lunch, apéro, dinner and, on the weekends, even late night drinks.

Chez Elle
Passage Saint François 2
Above the Sunrise on Rue Saint François
021 525 10 03

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