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When our friend and fellow blogger Ashley told us that we had to try M-G rosé, it didn’t take much convincing. One, we love rosé. Two, the weather was just beginning to show signs of summer. And three, it was a perfect excuse to gather all of our girlfriends – including Lausanne Blogger Sofia Clara –  for a spontaneous picnic in the park. So we grabbed sandwiches from a nearby traiteur, and headed to Mon Repos.
Started by Aline Gutowski, M-G (which stands for Maison Gutowski) is a unique concept where Aline doesn’t actually own a vineyard to produce her exceptional wine–instead she works with the best vintners, oenologists, « maître de chai » and technicians in AOC “Côtes de Provence” to create her rosé. This is quite advantageous because there is no such thing as a bad year–she picks and chooses from vineyards which yield the best crop, in order to produce the best rosé. 

We asked Aline (who is drop dead gorgeous by the way) to share a few details about herself and her decision to drop everything to start her own company:

Photo by Olivia De Quatrebarbes

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a ‘Frenchy addict’ with good taste which I like to share with friends. I grew up in the South of France, in Cannes. I arrived in Lausanne for my studies, and met my husband right after, which is the main reason I’ve decided to stay in Switzerland. I started a career in investment banking during which I moved to Zurich and then Geneva, but the idea of being my own boss was always at the back of my mind.
Photo by Olivia De Quatrebarbes
What prompted you to begin M-G wine?
A love affair. My husband loves wine, I love Provence. He is a serial entrepreneur and I was an entrepreneur wanna-be… and let’s be cheesy: we’re in love if we can still say so after more than 10 years 😉

The first thing that came to our mind was having a new way of life–dealing with something we like to share–and Rosé wine seemed to be that something: a wine not yet well known everywhere, easy to drink, and carries with it its own culture & lifestyle (being from Provence). The idea is to create this lifestyle anywhere: when you open up a bottle of M-G rosé, you’re bringing the holidays back home with you! 

Several years ago we wanted to completely change our life, go back to Provence and get our own vineyard. We quickly realized it wouldn’t be a prosperous affair–why try to be better vintners than those who have perfected it with ages of hard work and tradition? So we decided to go the other way around and look for the best professionals of the region, and create our own team to select the best terroir of Provence. 

Photo by Olivia De Quatrebarbes
What sets your rosé apart from the rest?
Our leitmotiv: keep tradition for the taste, and bring creativity and urban inspiration for the design. When you put your nose in a glass of M–G Rosé Grande Cuvée, it’s like applying sun cream; you’re back on holidays, and believe me you may not stop after one glass (though you should drink with moderation). We have our own world, our own lifestyle inspired by our urban way of life. We do not communicate that much on terroir as for us the quality is the evidence, otherwise we wouldn’t have any success.
We can honestly say that this rosé was one of the crispest, lightest, and refreshing rosés we’ve tasted. And we really want you to try it out too! So for a limited time, you can order your own M-G rosé and get 15% off your order with the promocode ‘TLGwine’ (good for two orders). Happy tasting & happy summer!

Here’s to many more sunny, rosé-filled afternoons this summer! Santé!

Wondering where you can find M-G Wine right now in and around Lausanne?

Lausanne area: Luigia, TaCave, Le Lacustre (newly re-opened), Le Baron Tavernier, Hotel des Trois Couronnes in Vevey
Geneva area: Relais & Château de Châteauvieux, Chez Philippe, Bottle Brothers, Luigia, Capoccacia, Voisins Café, Yacht Club de Genève, La Belotte, Genève Plage, La Terrasse, La Cave Guyot, La Cave A Vin, etc…
And of course their website: m-g.wine
M-G Wine’s website is now also in English, with payment in EUR and delivery in most part of Europe. You may find more details about our wine: M–G Grande cuvée from Maison-Gutowski.
To stay up to date with M-G Wine, follow them on social media:


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