Photo by Gabriel
We know the rain can be a bummer, but at least it’s a sure-tell sign that warmer weather is on its way (along with the bursting yellow colza fields just outside of the city–we are starting to spot a few!). We put together some of our favorite spring-time activities in Lausanne, along with city-approriate attire that has us giddy to start showing some skin:

  • One: Stefanel Dress | Light airy fabric but long sleeves makes it a perfect transitional piece
  • Three: Zara Jumpsuit | How playful and fun is this pattern? And we just adore jumpsuits.
  • Four: Bourg Plage | Where locals go to grab a brew and unwind; our fave haven under a bridge.
  • Eight: Handmade Leather Backpack | This timeless piece is not only chic, but much better for your body than a single strap purse or tote.
  • Nine: La Grenette | Right in the heart of Riponne, and now partnering with our buddies SK to bring you lunch, apero, and dinner…plus it’s super kid friendly!
Also, our favorite terraces in the city and a look at spring in the city this time last year.


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