As much as we love baby/kids clothes, parents don’t really need another dress/jacket/cardigan/onesie for their little one. Here are some fun ideas that branch out of the clothing department!
1. Easy Peasy Purse | Because duh, look how cute this is
2. Dish Set | Cute & functional & more difficult to break
3. Colorful Apron | The littlest sous-chef deserves his or her own apron too
4. DIY Paper Puppet | Cute & whimsical & something you can make together
5. Mini UrbanEars | Just because they want to watch Frozen for the 18th time doesn’t mean their  parents need to [hear it]
6. Build Your Own Tugboat | Get their creative juices flowing, and get a fun result at the end!
7. Toy Storage Sack | Staying organized doesn’t have to be boring
8. Cow bath towel | For the little ones who need coaxing to get out of the bath
9. Playmobil Country | They’ll play for hours on their own [and their parents will love you for that]

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