Whether the her in your life is your mother, friend, wife, girlfriend, or close friend, she will surely appreciate one of these little gifts–no ifs about it! 
1. Stan Smith Adidas High Tops | Because being stylish doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort (and these are oh so comfy)
2. Marble Pot by SVDP | It’s beautiful, and she can put whatever she wants in it
3. COS Silk Bra | Something she’ll want to wear everyday
4. All The Light We Cannot See | A book she’ll devour & savor simultaneously
5. Metallic Clutch | Just enough space for her lipstick and cash (though you will be paying, right?)
6. Aēsop Flight Therapy | Reduces stress, encourages relaxation, and smells divine
7. Minimalist Earrings | Simple & elegant & perfect for anyone.
8. Ceramic Ringholders | Because it’s nerve-wracking to see her rings on the sink so close to the drain
9. Fleece-lined Knit Scarf | Since she just never seems to be warm enough

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