We know you’ll be invited to your fair share of holiday parties this season, but what if you’re hosting? We’ve rounded up a few ways to “wow” your guests–all simple, all low-maintenance, and all guaranteed to make your guests feel extra special & happy:

1. Magnum of bubbly [water] found at Manor for a limited time (photo via)
It’s fun & festive and available only for a limited time. No one will expect such classy water.

2. A deceptively easy cheese plate (courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats)

Everyone loves cheese–and now you can offer your guests a little something extra instead of just a block/wheel of cheese.

3. Simple personalized name cards (thanks to TheKtchn)
How cute & easy are these name cards? A thoughtful (and well-organized) gesture like this can go a long way (and avoid any confusion or awkwardness at the table).

4. Rustic Saturday morning market flowers (found across from Manor, near Basil)
These have been our favorite go-to floral arrangement for quite some time. The florist there makes the most beautiful bouquets featuring twigs, branches, and other unique flowers you can’t really find anywhere else.

5. A festive cocktail (courtesy of Freutcake)
Keep guests lively (and their spirits high) with a fun & festive cocktail. It doesn’t need to be complicated to make–it’s all about the presentation!

And just for kicks:

Happy Hosting!

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