The beginning of November in the United States means that the very best of all holidays is just around the corner – Thanksgiving! But for those of us living away from home, it’s often a time when we feel the most homesick and are craving time with loved ones and of course, the delicious feast. 

We’ve decided this year, we would create our own special gathering and pull out all the stops.
Not only will we have traditional dishes prepared by our dear friend and talented chef,  Emma Litkie of Street Kitchen, but we are also fortunate to have the help of Globus who are providing some of the finest of ingredients, and Aēsop, who have prepared little gifts of gratitude for each of our diners.

The only thing that we are missing is you! Whether you’re American or Canadian and wondering how to celebrate the holiday so far from home, or you’re from anywhere else and curious to see what all the fuss is about, we’d love to share this beautiful experience with you.

Seats are limited, so write to us at to reserve your place at the table.

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