We were giddy with delight when the snow started falling last weekend. Wasn’t it gorgeous?!

The wintery weather has us dreaming of melted cheese dinners, cozy chalet weekends and warm woolen sweaters. We placed an order for a few new seasonal pieces in our wardrobe on Zalando last weekend and thought we’d share the shortlisted items with you. Remember – Zalando has free shipping AND free returns, making the online shopping risk next to none!

1. Flattering vest 2. Pretty turtleneck 3. Sweater dress 4. Tassel love 5. Blue shimmer 6. Cozy bohemian 7. Chalet style 8. Delicate grey 9. Pompom polka dots 10. Squared away 11. We wish 12. Olive crop

Are there any pieces you’re looking forward to incorporating into your wardrobe this year? 


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