The best part of creating The Lausanne Guide is undoubtedly the offline connections that we get to make with readers. We love this space that we’re curating, so perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that we also love the great people that connect with it.

A huge ‘thank you’ to the group that joined us for the LG Apéro hosted by Cipriano last Thursday night for wine, cocktails, nibbles and great conversation. These events always remind us why we wanted to put together a guide in the first place! Thank you especially for your encouragement and ideas. We are glad to have made so many new friends!

A couple of shout outs to the people that made the evening possible: First off, merci merci merci to Cipriano for hosting us in their beautiful, industrial chic restaurant and for offering such great drink specials! We can’t wait to go back. Also, a huge high five to Jackie, our friend and event coordinator, for putting the pieces together. This girl can throw a party.

We can’t wait to see everyone again soon! Send us your ideas on where we ought to have the next LG Apéro!

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