With [Swiss] Father’s Day on Sunday, we thought we’d put together a little gift guide since sometimes it’s tough to find items the men in our lives would really appreciate (anyone else have some very particular husbands/fathers/partners?). And of course if you can’t find the right gift, you can always just give them a six-pack of beer, the newspaper, and take over kid duty for a few hours. Needless to say, we really do appreciate you fathers! 
1) Punny Apron // Etsy 44 CHF  2) Espadrilles // La Redoute 59.90 CHF 3) Moscow Mule Copper Mugs // Etsy 19 CHF 4) Card // Etsy 4 CHF 5) Burton Backpack //  Zalando 65 CHF 6) Rayban Sunglasses // Manor 199 CHF 7) Vintage Bar Tools // Etsy 34 CHF 8) Nikka Whiskey From the Barrel // Manor 45 CHF

Some other ideas:

Hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing Father’s Day!


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