Last month we had the great pleasure of spending a luxurious Sunday at Vevey’s Trois Couronnes Hotel for spa treatments and a gorgeous brunch with our husbands. To call it sumptuous would be an understatement!
While the boys sipped coffee and read the paper in the bar, we changed into cozy white robes and relaxed in the hotel’s famous spa…
It was one of those broody spring days, where the Lake and the sky are contrasting shades of grey and the mountains, often veiled in clouds, seem to magically disappear and reappear. We felt pretty lucky to enjoy the sight from the spa’s relaxation room. 
After two indulgent treatments – one facial and one massage – we reluctantly abandoned our perch and headed over to the gorgeous dining area to try their famous Sunday brunch. Our reluctance had clearly been misplaced…this was one of the days that was only going to get better…

Please don’t get us wrong – we’ve brunched with the best of them. But let’s be honest, there’s brunch and then there’s brunch. The buffet at the Trois Couronnes falls solidly in the latter category.

Not only was the food abundant and delicious, but the dining room boasts a certain old world elegance, making the whole meal feel like a special occasion.

We cannot recommend highly enough if you are looking for a place to mark an anniversary or birthday – we will most definitely be back when the occasion calls for something above and beyond the ordinary.

Thank you so much to everyone at the Trois Couronnes for this gorgeous day!

Trois Couronnes
Rue d’Italie 49
1800 Vevey
Sunday brunch

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