Alright, let’s be honest: who has yet to get their wonderful mother a gift for Mother’s Day (which happens to be this Sunday)? If you’re raising your hand (alongside us), have no fear! We have a chance for you to win one of FOUR beautiful little treasures from one of our very favorite boutiques here in Lausanne. We are insanely excited to be partnering up with our dear friend Barbara from Viva Frida for a special Mother’s Day Giveaway. 

One: Earrings “Etoile Cuivré” (jewerly designer from Geneva) 39.-
Two: Pouch in leather  brand “Des Petis Hauts” , 45.-
Three: Calendar “Bloomingville” 35.-
Four: Ceramic pot / small vase 12.-

Here’s what you need to do to win: 1) Leave a comment below telling us something special about your mother and 2) “Like”(if you don’t already) and share Viva Frida’s page on Facebook

We will select FOUR winners and announce on Wednesday!* Thank you Viva Frida for showing our mothers some love!

 *Prizes will be “first come, first serve”, one prize per reader


  1. Every spring when I look at the beautiful cherry blossoms that typically bloom around mohter's day, I have to think of the fact that my mom climbed a cherry tree while being pregnant in the last trimester with me, because she was craving cherries so much. She claims that's why they are my favourite fruit 😉

    stephanie s.

  2. Now that I'm a mother myself, I realise how amazing my "petite maman" is. I wish one day I could be -just a little bit- like her.

    Love u mams,


  3. My mother had never lived alone. At just age 20 back in 1950, she went from living with her mother (her dad died when she was just 13) to getting married and living with my father. When my father suddenly died she learned how to balance a checkbook, pay all the bills, take care of everything that he used to do all on her own. Maybe it doesn't seem like such a big deal to younger people, but women of her age were not raised to do these things so my four siblings and I are very proud of her for not only learning all of this but to be thriving in her newly single life.

  4. I miss my Mum a lot. For past four years I've been living abroad and I didn't have many opportunities to see her. My Mum perfectly managed her family life and her career. She raised three children and all of them are wonderful people 🙂 thank you Mum for you optimism and amazing pancakes! I miss you!

  5. My mom has worked extremely hard to be where she is today, she raised 3 kids with 2 jobs and no family close by. She's gorgeously talented and fiercely independent. She can whistle and sing at the same time, bark in the grocery store, and find the best treasures at Tuesday morning. She sees me for who I am and respects my need to explore the world! ♡♡♡♡

  6. My mum is ready to travel all over Europe if I am going bad even if she hates flying! She is able to leave her everyday life just to make sure I am going great. I hope I will behave the same when I will become a mother.
    Marie Pauppins

  7. My mom has taken what life has given her, positive and negative, and not allowed it to bog her down, for one never knows where life leads. She has raised four kids, went back to college and became a nurse. She is fantastic. 🙂
    Sophia Reyes

  8. My mother is the most giving, selfless person that I know. she will move heaven and earth to protect her children. I love and miss her so much. nothing like a mum cuddle. eleni

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