There’s no doubt that we owe much to modernity – our 2015 lives are exceedingly convenient, predictable and safe. And yet, we think you’ll agree that there’s something lost in our endless pursuit of scale and standardization. After all, what is convenience if not the elimination of the human from our processes; what is predictability if not the elimination of spontaneity; what is safety if not the elimination of risk (and with it, potential)?

A contrast to the impersonality of dining experiences, one little bar in Lausanne has the big ambition of humanizing consumption and bring meaning back to the ritual of apéro. Calling themselves the first community bistrot in Lausanne, Ta Cave’s name says it all. This is your cellar. Your bar. For the lucky ones who jumped on board during Ta Cave’s much discussed crowdfunding initiative just before Christmas, this means an apéro for life. For the rest of us, it’s equal access to a handpicked menu of local products and above all, the friendliest service we’ve ever seen in Switzerland. At the heart of this concept is the idea that no one is a stranger.

When we heard about this new concept, we were instantly intrigued and sent an email requesting information. What we ended up with was a lovely gathering with the founders – Elâ, Guillaume and Yannick – around a spectacularly delicious cheese and dried meat tray, a bottle of wine from Yannick’s own domain (because what’s a wine bar without its very own winemaker…), and a fantastic conversation about our two projects – both of which share a common goal of connecting people to one another and to the place in which they live. From this first encounter, we were sold. We knew that this bar would be something special.


Since its opening earlier this year, it’s clear that Ta Cave has struck a nerve with the Lausanne community. The bar is packed most nights of the week and when you discuss with patrons, their enthusiasm is unanimous. And it’s no surprise; we LOVE this place too! We love that every product on the menu has a story, an origin. Just ask, and you’ll learn about a cheese maker, a winemaker or a farmer, living somewhere in the not-too-distant vicinity. We love that when we cross the threshold, we feel immediately among friends. We love that the space they chose for their project has elegant crown molding but that the new furniture is natural, simple and modern. Every detail seems to have been considered…

From left to right: Elâ, Yannick, Guillaume
This is the sort of establishment where every franc spent feels like a gesture of solidarity with something bigger than just apéro. This is [and please know, dear reader, that we do not say this lightly] the most special place in Lausanne. We encourage you to go, to enjoy and to spend generously. The space is small and the likelihood that you will not get a seat right away is high. But go anyway. Let’s make it clear to all other business owners and day-dreaming entrepreneurs that Lausanne needs more heart and soul. Let’s hope that Ta Cave is just a start of something bigger.
Ta Cave
Rue du Simplon 35

1006 Lausanne

Monday – Thursday from 16:00 to midnight
Friday – Saturday from 16:00 to 1:00am
Sunday from 16:00 to 22:00



  1. Most bars are way too noisy for me – bar owners seem to think that very loud music is mandatory, alas. Is it the case here? I would *love* to go there, but I need to be able to talk to people around me in order to enjoy it 🙂

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