One of the best things about the blogosphere is the opportunity it affords insanely talented people to share their creative gifts with the world. And that is certainly the case with our lovely friend Nicola Pravato, Lausanne-based blogger, DIY-er, photographer and baker extraordinaire. For anyone looking for craft inspiration, whether it be sewing, baking or building, you absolutely must add Nicola’s blogs Next to nicx and Munchkin et Moi to your feed. We love admiring her creations on the web, so when she invited us to a little Easter tea with her daughter, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ogle at her creations and watch some insanely cute toddler interactions.

Not only did she do all the baking and decorating herself, but she conceptualized and created these adorable little cake canisters–complete with a tiny hidden compartment at the bottom with little treats for the girls. Also, how cute are those bunny ear cookies on the milk glass?


The girls were in their sugar-high happy place, and as expected made a complete mess! But they (and we) loved every minute of it. Thanks Nicola! Here are a few more pictures of our time together:







Photography by Nicola Pravato
You can check out more of Nicola’s ideas, gluten-free recipes, and beautiful creations at her personal blog Next to nicx as well as crafts, travel tips, shopping suggestions, kid-approved recipes, and adorable fashion on her mum & baby blog Munchkin et Moi.



  1. Oh boy,

    I really need to get started on this baby thing. How absolutly adorable are these photos??


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