I have to admit, I may have purchased this book more for myself than for Violet-the-intern. One of my friends recommended the book to me and it took a whole three seconds after perusing the beautiful illustrations for it to end up in my Amazon shopping cart. Well it just arrived in the mail today and I’ve been spending some of V’s nap time drooling over the artwork.

The other thing that won me over was the even distribution of women and men doing various things: you’ll find a female explorer, forest ranger, and baseball player, and a male vibraphonist, yogi, and grocer. The illustrations are whimsical, humorous, and downright gorgeous!



We think it would make a wonderful gift to any child, and is definitely a timeless addition to any library. And yes, I let V read the book after she woke up from her nap…I guess I’ll share it 😉





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