Last week we had the great pleasure of joining some fine people for a dinner event – The Brooklyn Hipster Foodie Fest – hosted by fellow Lausanne blogger Lukas Menal of Guerrilla Gourmande and Emma & Toni of Street Kitchen fame. We feasted on inspired small plates like shortrib Gyoza and South African lamb curry and thoroughly enjoyed the company…

Attendees were readers of the Guerilla Gourmande site, so naturally there was a shared spirit of foodie passion animating conversation.

Photos by Serge Mercier

Lausanne needs more events like this! Kudos to our hosts for taking the initiative to plan such a great evening. If you’re interested in knowing more about upcoming events or for foodie news and restaurant reviews from a local, follow along at Guerilla Gourmande.

Thank you Lukas and Emma & Toni for letting us participate in your first foodie fest! We had a blast :).


  1. I concur, I was there, it was absolutely great! And I love that kind of event where you can meet new and interesting people, which here in Switzerland can be a bit difficult sometimes (once you're past your student years).

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