We realize it’s a bit late, but we’ll go ahead and say it anyway, Happy New Year Lausanne!
We are so excited about starting this new year with new content, new projects, and new ideas! But while we gather and create, we thought we’d start the year off with a few of our favorites, some old, some new–all curated and brought to you in a complete, neat little post. It’s good to be back!

Best Brunch
If it’s good enough for Coco Chanel, it’s more than perfect for us. We love the ambiance and character of Auberge du Chalet des Enfants just north of the city. The brunch is local, fresh and opulent. We always take our walking shoes/snow boots for a post-brunch stroll in the surrounding forest.

Best Lunch To Go
We are big fans of The Luncheonette for their healthy and tasty options. And of course, the food truck scene in Place de la Riponne always satisfies.

Best Place to Work
We are regulars at Culture Cafe for a reason. The quiet ambiance, as well as the generous space allows for unparalleled productivity. The fact that they make a mean double cappuccino doesn’t hurt things either.

Best Cup of Coffee
It’s a tie. We’ll be diplomatic and say Culture Cafe makes the best double cappuccino, and Blackbird‘s Flat White makes every morning a good morning. And both cater to those who want one for the road.

Best Girls’ Night Spot
Swanky but unpretentious, with a killer rooftop terrace during the warmer months, Le Barock in the Flon is a perfect downtown spot to slip on some heels and meet up with your girlfriends. And if you decide to extend the night, you’re already in the most happening part of town.

Best Apero
This one is tough, but when meeting for drinks straight after work it’s nice to have a little something to nibble on as well. For this reason, we think Cafe St. Pierre is the best place to meet for apero–sure, the wine/beer/cocktail list is quite simple, but their tapas and relaxed vibe surely make up for it.

Best Place to Watch the Game
Sometimes all you need is the comfort of chicken nuggets, beer, and a football match. When it’s that kind of evening (or day), put on your best hipster attire and head on over to The Great Escape.

Best Cocktails
Photo Credit: Gabriel Garcia Marengo. We must take our hats off to Eat Me for making the best Old Fashion in the city (they even chip their own ice from large blocks). But in the overall category, this one is a three-way tie between Eat Me, Le Comptoir, and LP’s/The Habana Bar. Basically, it’s up to you: choose your favorite ambiance and we can guarantee the cocktails won’t disappoint.

Best Place to Meet Friends…with kids in tow
Disclaimer: This is assuming you want to avoid places like Manora and Coop City. We’ll go ahead and say it’s a tie between Culture Cafe and Bubble Cafe. There’s space to run around and people won’t give you the judgmental stare down when your child {gasp} acts like a child.

Best Casual Spot
Zooburger. Hands down.

Best Bang for your Buck
The portions are generous and the plates delectable at Chez Xu. Just make sure to reserve because everyone else thinks so too.

Best Take Out on a Sunday (or maybe any day)
Stay with us here…it’s called Snack de la Gare and it’s the best Moroccan food we’ve had outside of Morocco. Cheap, fast, and so tasty–we recommend trying whichever tajin is featured!


  1. I am so happy that you included le Snack de la gare. The thing is I never tasted one of their tajine as I keep coming back for the grilled meat sandwiches.

    They also manage the butchery next door. So, fresh meat on sunday, too!

  2. Isn't it amazing?! So glad you like them too!
    We need to try their sandwiches next time! And yes! The boucherie is also a great spot to get meat!

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