Music Together
This global phenomenon is now in Lausanne (and Vevey)! A ten-week course that meets once a week, children and parents sing songs, play instruments, and dance about. We will warn you that the songs are catchy–don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing them when you’re not in the class.

Les Ludothèques Lausannoises

There are three toy libraries in Lausanne open to the public for an annual fee between 10 and 25 CHF. You can borrow books for free or borrow toys and games for minimal fees. This is a great spot to go on a rainy day and let your kiddos roam free.

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Swiss Vapeur Parc

Is your child obsessed with ‘choo-choos’ (trains) too? This park, which sits on over 17,000 square meters of land, allows you to climb aboard a tiny train and explore a ‘miniature Switzerland’. It closes for winter, but will open again on March 19th.

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The Salt Mines of Bex

This is one for the older kids (or the very brave ones who don’t fear the dark and aren’t claustrophobic). A ‘vast maze of passages, shafts, stairs, and gigantic caverns’ all to be explored. Group tours and ‘TrekkMines adventures’ are also available according to the child’s age as well as physical condition [gulp].

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Signal de Bougy

Conveniently located between Lausanne and Geneva, this park covers 110 hectares with activities for every single taste. From getting up close and personal with farm animals to ropes courses, to mini golf (and big adult golf), and the largest Parc Aventure in Europe, this is the perfect family destination on a sunny day.

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About a 20-minute drive from Lausanne is an indoor mini-paradise for kids, ages 0-13 called Jayland.  Inflatables, trampolines, go-carts, giant legos, ball pits, and mini-tobogans are just a few of the things you’ll find inside. Prices are actually quite reasonable, and they are open on Sundays!

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Similar to Jayland and located near Orbe, this indoor play land will be sure to keep the kiddos occupied for as long as you’re willing to stay. A great space to rent for birthday parties as well!

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Vallée de la Jeunesse

An activity and cultural center appealing to a wide age-range (with an espace bébé as well), with exhibitions as well as a ‘Small Inventors Club’, a workshop for 7-12 year olds where instructors guide children through the process of building something that they can take home at the end. In the summer, take advantage of the jardin de circulation–a perfect place to teach your young one how to ride a bike! Conveniently located near Maladière and accessible by public transport as well. General admission is free, workshops have a small fee.
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  2. Hi,

    My kids and I just learned something kind of cool about Bowling du Flon: the crane machine doesn't cheat!! It's probably the only one we've encountered in the whole world which is on "difficulty" level 0, meaning that it doesn't drop stuff randomly if you manage to pick it up.

    So it's up to you how many 2CHF plushies you want to carry home. 🙂


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