Blackbird Downtown Diner

Large open space with room to park your stroller next to most tables. The staff is friendly, they have incredible in-house roasted coffee, and they even have a kids portion for anything on the menu at half the cost. They even make babycinnos for the littles as you sip away at your flat white.

We’ve found ourselves to be regulars here, and it’s not just because of the exceptional coffee and pastries. Culture Café’s open floor plan is a great place to sit down and let the kids go explore. The staff are kind, it’s never too crowded, and when the kiddos have exhausted the toys and books in the café, head downstairs to the FNAC children’s section where small tables, books, and toys will hold their attention for just awhile longer.
We were big fans of this restaurant before we entered the realm of parenting, but now we see it with an entirely different lens. Situated in the back area are couches, shelves of books, and various toys to keep the kids entertained. Whether you’re up for Sunday brunch, or meeting a friend for a weekday drink, this restaurant’s family feel will make things just a bit easier.
Also equipped with couches, board games, and other activities, this place makes us feel like we are in someone’s home rather than a restaurant. It can be quite packed during peak hours, and especially on the weekends during brunch, so plan accordingly.
We brunched here with friends and kids and couldn’t have been more impressed with the staff. Our girls were free to walk around and explore, and found the hotel’s cloakroom to be quite entertaining. The staff did everything in their power to keep us and our girls happy—a wonderful experience for the whole family.
A bit of a journey from Lausanne, but worth the drive/train/boat ride is this little slice of heaven. Situated just a short walk from Montreux, Le Contretemps has an incredible terrace with a lawn AND a playground. Sip some rosé, indulge in their gastronomic regional fare, and let the kids go wild!
Wide.Open.Spaces. You realize that having mobile children is a lot like having a dog. The more surface area there is to run around, the happier they are. And the happier they are, the more likely you’ll be able to finish that coffee while it’s still warm, or avoid chugging that 25 CHF martini. The Beau Rivage terrace not only boasts exceptional views, but has a large lawn area that children love to take advantage of during the warmer months.
Nespresso Boutique at St. François

Though you may need to feel out the ambiance a bit before you settle in (are there primarily business-types in suits having corporate coffee-time? If yes, perhaps it’s a no-go), we’ve had pretty good luck with the service here with kids in-tow. Also, they are happy to provide FREE babyccinnos  (steamed/frothy milk) with a little biscuit too!

Though the place is small, and the exposed stairway a slight hazard for the little ones who like to explore, the staff are exceptionally kind and patient and kids can order half portions at half the cost. There’s only one high chair, so bring your portable one if you’re worried.
Manora Food
Located on the top floor of Manor, it’s a great spot to meet on a playdate during those rainy or cold days. Grab a coffee or soup a la carte, and head to the corner kids’ play area where no one will judge you if your kids run amuck.
Don’t let the hipster crowd fool you, this café is welcoming of the littles and has a wonderful changing table in the bathroom to prove it! During the warmer months you’ll find trendy parents seated outside, letting their kids run around the cobblestoned alleys of the Rôtillon area. Inside, they have shelves of books and other entertainment to keep the littles happy while parents enjoy their meal or drink.

The first thing we noticed was the huge stock of high chairs they had in the corner—a good sign! This newly renovated space is a perfect place to meet a big group of friends with kids in tow. In the summertime, their terrace is a little slice of heaven—incredible lawn space as well as fountains allows the kids to stay occupied while you sip on your latte macchiato [or beer].
Do you have any places you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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