Scroll down for details about how to play WiineMe’s wine box giveaway! And seriously, is there a more beautiful place in the world for the season’s changing colors than this little alpine country we call home? Honestly, we think not.

The only rub with letting go of this year’s Indian summer is that seeing friends becomes a bit more complicated with the darker, chillier evenings. Two months ago we would have picnicked lakeside, but now getting together means thinking of fun ways to spend time in the great indoors. Which is why we were excited when a new wine delivery service based in Geneva called WiineMe contacted us about trying their product and sharing our experience with you.

We called up some of our friends to come over for a wine and cheese tasting feast on Sunday afternoon. But since wine and cheese tastings are rather quotidian in these parts, we decided to up the ante by turning this little party into a duel of the palettes and find out who among us was the most astute taster.

Using the handy booklet detailing the wines included in our box across six key descriptors: sweet, strong, complex, spicy, woody, fruity and tannin, each of us sniffed, swirled and sipped until we could rate the wines in each category. Naturally, the one Swiss guy among us nailed almost every question, but fortunately, the Americans held strong thanks to the particularly well-developed olfactory skills of a keen Ohioan.

Can we take a moment to admire our beautiful food?!? We were pretty proud of ourselves… #humilityisoverrated

All in all we had a great time and enjoyed discovering WiineMe’s selection. Each month subscribers receive wines around a specific theme or region. Our bottles included two red blends and a chardonnay from a winery in Hungary. Gonna be honest…we had no idea that Hungary made wine!  The service is 39chf a month for three bottles (delivery included) – making this one of the only good deals we’ve come by in a while.

We highly recommend this service! It made for such a fun activity with friends, and we loved the idea of having trained experts select bottles for us – it certainly beats our usual price point and wine label attractiveness method (12ish chf + gold embossing = SOLD) – and the exercise of thinking about the wine that we drink added an interesting intellectual dimension that we thoroughly enjoyed. Plus, isn’t it great to have your cellar practically renew itself each month with a special delivery right to your door?

In case you aren’t convinced, our new friends at WiineMe would like to give you a chance to win a box of your own (and JUST in time for the holidays!). Click here to play. You have until Monday morning to sign up. Good luck!

Do you have any good ideas for winter entertaining? Have you ever tried a blind wine tasting? Or a food delivery service?


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