Just as we all need to re-evaluate and refresh our own looks every so often, it’s great to see one of our very favorite Lausanne boutiques do the same. Viva Frida! has relaunched this summer to become Viva Frida Concept Store, bringing forth some new designers never before seen in Lausanne.

The free spirited Frida Kahlo remains the inspiration of Barbara’s boutique–and her classically popular Viva Frida Vintage line will continue to be sold (yes!), but alongside the retro and floral print dresses comes the sleek and sophisticated Nordic lines that claim the right as a ‘staple’ in your closet. 

Barbara believes in finding young and independent artists and designers who represent and embody the strong, fashion-forward, and individual woman; one who cares for detail and exclusivity, but also feels that quality should come with affordability. Her boutique is filled with beautiful objects, all hand-selected by Barbara herself; each necklace, shirt, vase, or purse has a narrative–a story of how and why she picked it, and how it fits in the greater story that is Viva Frida.

We’ll be checking in often, as Barbara continues to look for young and emerging artists and designers to introduce to Lausanne–how lucky for us!

Check out her new store, in the same location:

Rue St. Beuve 1 (angle Marterey) / 1005 Lausanne
Tuesday-Friday from 12h to 19h / Saturday from 12h to 17h

Visit her website to have a look at the collections: http://www.vivafrida.ch/fre/boutique
Or follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viva.frida.5

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