Settled in a couch reminiscent of one that resides in our grandmother’s house, surrounded by multicolored sun umbrellas and flower gardens that welcome a friendly picker (at just 50 centimes per stem), it’s kind of hard to believe we are still in Lausanne. Seriously, when did it get this trendy?

From those who brought us Zooburger, La Grenette is a small oasis in the midst of Riponne’s concrete plaza, which opened it’s proverbial doors earlier this summer. The furniture is thrifted, the idea fresh; mismatched tables and chairs add to the informally cute charm. The menu consists of creative cuisine (currently Korean bimbimbaps and jap-chaes are our faves), in-house Soulberry sirops, and various beer, wine, and cocktail choices.

One of the best parts? La Grenette is literally a place for everyone. Looking around there are students with headphones studying their textbooks, friends chatting over apero, couples splitting a bimbimbap, and families with young children taking advantage of the provided slide, tricycles (and bike track!), as well as an children’s outdoor library. Parents should also take advantage of La Halte Jeux de la Grenette, an outdoor venue for families that hosts arts and craft activities and who also offer up to a half-day of free childcare (sponsored by the city of Lausanne)…seriously? Hellooooo child-free shopping!
You can read more about La Grenette and its history, or find out about events they host on their website:
Or follow them on Facebook:
One thing to note: La Grenette is an outdoor seasonal terrace which is open from June until October.



  1. Unique Cozy place in the heart of Lausanne! Enjoy a sunny afternoon/lunchbreak/afterwork in a comfortable sofa, on a wooden chair or so. Kinds having fun on the great playground.
    And their homemade syrup and local craft beer selection in amazing!

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