This heat has us hankering for a little refreshment, and several of the grocery stores have strawberries on sale right now making it the perfect time to whip up this little concoction! We love the natural sweetness of muddled strawberries paired with the fresh flavor of basil. Bring on summer!
The Players
1.5 oz vodka
5 strawberries
5 fresh basil leaves
1 lemon
club soda
The Play


  • Muddle strawberries and basil together – you’ll want to get them good and smashed to avoid having too many chunks in the drink
  • Mix in the juice from the lemon and drizzle a bit of honey
  • Add vodka
  • Pour the mixture into cocktail shaker
  • Give it a good shake, and then add a little club soda to make it sparkle
  • Pour into an ice-filled glass and garnish with lemon round and a strawberry

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