No guide to Lausanne would be complete without mention of the Bleu Lezard. For two decades, this café-bistrot has been a dynamic fixture on the city’s restaurant scene. In fact, when it was created, it was one of the first  “alternative” spots, catering to a hip, younger crowd – ask any Lausannois in their 30s about Bleu Lezard, and you’re likely to get a nostalgic story of weekend nights spent between these walls.


Staying on the edge of cool is no easy task, but all these years later, Bleu Lezard continues to please. Groups of diners gather in tight quarters around the restaurant’s seasonal menu. The ambiance is electric – this is no place for the noise-sensitive. At peak hours, the dining room feels like being at a fabulous party with a guest list of boisterous, fun-loving friends.
The decor is casual but artfully assembled, a nod to the owners’ creative taste. And the location just off of the Pont Bessières makes this a great dinner stop before a night out on the town.
The Bleu Lezard is the brain child of the Wegmüller sibling trio – Thierry, Jasmina and Gilles – whose creative talents are also behind Java, another popular spot just up the hill. The three are particularly passionate about music and have built it into the spirit of their restaurants. The name Bleu Lezard is a subtle reference to Jim Morrison, the Lizard King, and Java recalls Serge Gainsbourg’s song la javanaise
After dinner, head downstairs to the Cave du Bleu to catch one of the many evenings of live music the space hosts. Intimate and cozy, this is one of the best places to enjoy a wide variety of artists from Switzerland, Europe and even countries across the world. Consult the Bleu Lezard website for a full list of upcoming shows. Cover charges are affordable, ranging from about 10-25 CHF according to the show.
Bleu Lezard
Rue Enning 10
021 321 38 30


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