When to go:  The Beau Rivage Hotel (or, the Beau …as we’ve been known to call it when we’re feeling pretentious… 😉 ) offers probably the most glamorous and indulgent terrace in Lausanne.

We mostly find ourselves here for after work drinks, but it would be hard to go wrong any time of day. Wait for blue skies and sunny hours and prepare to be swept away on a vacation in your own city. The terrace is set above street level, so from practically every vantage point, the only thing between you and the soothing expanse of the Lake are the tree tops swaying in the breeze.

Who to go with: Perfect for a tête-à-tête or intimate gathering of friends, this is not the place for a raucous outing. Take your social cues from the high-brow and well-heeled clientele and stay on your best behavior. Come to relax and soak up the calm and the natural beauty of the water front, away from the Ouchy crowds. If you’re all on your lonesome, bring a book and sip on a glass of rosé – par.a.dise!

What to wear: Keep it classy. Need we say more?

Also worth noting: In our experience, the service here is unrivaled. You can count on superb hospitality and a warm professional welcome. Drinks come with a rather generous serving of nibbles to ward off your pre-dinner hunger.


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