When to go: It might be hotter than Hades outside, but you’ve got a hankering for a cheese fondue. If you mention this to a friend or colleague, they will look at you like you have two heads, “A fondue? In summer?”

We feel you, friend.

On the hidden terrace of Café de l’Evêché, you’ll find a sympathetic crowd of cheese lovers ordering one of the café’s TEN fondue options. Although we’ve not yet tried it, the house fondue especially piqued our interest – it’s prepared with beer and armagnac. We’ll definitely be back to give that a try!

Who to go with: This is a great spot to go with friends. The terrace is completely charming, but we’d stop short of describing it as romantic.

What to wear: It’s up to you. This is not the sort of place where anyone is going to take notice !

Café de l’Evêché
Rue Louis Curtat 4
021 323 93 23

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  1. The service is often really bad, and the fondue are muche ado about nothing… I really would like to enjoy this secret terrasse, but I just can't 🙁

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