Lausanne’s adoration for this bustling Sous-gare café is unequivocal. Tell someone that you are planning to dine there and the response is a resounding I love that place!

We love that place too. It’s a regular fixture on our weekend brunch circuit and it’s at the top of our list for drinks after work thanks to its location and great selection of small plates perfect for satisfying that before-dinner hunger.

But when we went to review the café, we found ourselves a bit at a loss for words. Café de Grancy is at once unexceptional and utterly unique. At first glance, the setting with its wooden tables and chairs, chalkboard menu, board games and antique furniture sitting area keep it in line with a slew of cafés across the city, but somehow Café de Grancy has a special draw.


What really sets this place apart is the spirit of neighborly welcome and the creative force behind it. Dining here feels a bit like being invited to a particularly quirky and creative friend’s place for a meal, and in that sense, the café functions as an extension of our living rooms. The space is weather-worn and comfortable, the service is friendly and unpretentious and the food is wholesome, fresh and local.

And at the same time, the Café de Grancy team brings a creative dynamism that keeps them at the center of the Lausanne restaurant scene. Concepts like Wednesday night fondue take something as commonplace as Switzerland’s national dish and turn it into an extravaganza allowing you to choose from an array of cheese fondues as well as a beef and even fish fondue option.

Don’t be surprised to see these guys out and about town either. They clearly see themselves as a critical part of the Lausanne community and participate in festivals and markets throughout the year, such as Fête de la Cité and the Lausanne Night Market.

If that’s not enough of a reason to love Café de Grancy, here are a few additional bright spots:

  • It’s open 7 days a week and until midnight each night! Wahoo – great spot for late night dining or spontaneous gatherings.
  • Protein brunch – Anglo-Saxons will feel right at home with scrambled eggs and bacon; but so will northern European, Swiss and French diners as well as there is a brunch plate to serve each of these preferences. Your multicultural meals out have never been so easy ;).
  • Family time. The casual atmosphere, games and general laid back spirit make this a great place for kids too. Everything on the menu is available in small portions for kids, meaning that they don’t get stuck with fries and spaghetti.

What do you think? Are you a Café de Grancy believer?

Café de Grancy
Ave du Rond-Point 1
021 616 86 66

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