Nestled comfortably between the cathedral and Place de la Riponne, sits an example of summer perfection – The Great Escape terrace.

When to go: Things really start heating up after work and they stay busy until the wee hours of morning.

Who to go with: Groups of friends. There might not be a more amicable place in all the city. For many, stepping into The Great Escape is a nostalgic experience, conjuring memories of collegiate days and eternal summers.

What to wear: The Great Escape is first and foremost a sports bar (read: totally casual).

What we order: Beer. Beer. Oh and, some more beer. Blue Moon is our usual choice, but no matter your taste, you’ll probably find just want you’re looking for on their bar menu. When it comes to eating, The Great Escape crew take special attention to offer a varied selection of burgers, but we can’t help but always order exactly the same thing: the chicken fingers. Not the wings, the chicken fingers. They are battered and deep fried and holy heart attack they.are.good.

The Great Escape
Rue de la Madeleine 18
021 312 31 94 

What’s your favorite terrace in Lausanne? Leave us a note in the comments and we will be sure to check it out for this feature.


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