Just under the shadows of our Notre Dame cathedral sits a cafe whose name is certainly no misnomer, P’Tit Bar. With just a few tables scattered comfortably on the sidewalk, it’s safe to say that this terrace has one of the best views in the city.

When to go: Our favorite time is in the morning while vendors are still setting up their stands for the Saturday morning market. Grab a paper, a brioche, a coffee and enjoy people-watching as the city begins to come alive.

Who to go with: Your partner, friend, or just solo. This is a place where you feel completely comfortable regardless of your company.

What to wear: Anything goes. Though if you plan to head to the market after, leave the stilettos at home.

What we order: We tend to go the pastry & coffee route–as you can see many fresh options in the window. If it’s too hot for coffee, try one of the many freshly squeezed juices, ginger being a favorite (and packs quite a punch!).

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P’tit Bar
Monday through Friday 7h-19h, Saturdays from 9h and Sunday from 10h30.
+41 21 323 53 59
Rue Louis-Curtat 6, 1700

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