Urban Gentlemen of Lausanne, this one is for you! Monsieur Alain, a new men’s boutique in the Sous-Gare neighborhood brings an interesting selection of clothing and accessories from brands as far away as Japan and as close as Sweden and the UK. While inventory is quite small, we were intrigued by so much that we saw.

The discerning eye and finger print of owner Alain Dovat are on each item in the store. Ask for details about a product and he will guide you through the philosophy and origins of each brand and describe why he selected it for the boutique. 
The selection of accessories was particulary interesting and includes Sandqvist bags and Fox umbrellas. 
So fellas, when you’re in the mood to refresh your wardrobe this season, we’d recommend swinging by Monsieur Alain for items you won’t likely find anywhere else in town!
Monsieur Alain
Rue du Simplon 35
077 413 68 08
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