It’s not exactly what we’d call sous-gare, but this place is so precious to us (and is an easy walk from the station) that we just had to include it in our series. Café des Avenues is one of our favorite brunch spots for those lazy Saturday mornings, where all you want is a place to unwind, read your paper, and take comfort in good coffee and conversation.

Maple-syrup pancakes dusted with powdered sugar, generously portioned omelets and bacon, seasonal fruit salad with home-made muesli mix, and of course, a freshly baked assortiment of bread with confitures are all at your fingertips (and did we say reasonably-priced?).

The restaurant staff are friendly, the interior spacious, and free wifi is provided for those who are looking for a new place to study or work. Did we also mention it’s kid-friendly? For those of you who have young children, this place has an adorable area in the back with couches, books, and games.

And although we love this place for breakfast, we’ve also had incredible dinners here! In the evenings, Café des Avenues offers classic Swiss-French fare; from fondue to the mouth-watering entrecôte parisienne with a large selection of wine and beer, this is definitely a spot to check out all hours of the day.

Café des Avenues
Tuesday-Thursday 6h30-24h
Friday 6h30-1h
Saturday 9h-1h
Sunday 9h-24h
Closed Mondays

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