While La Cité is the likely first destination of any Lausanne day tripper, many residents grossly under appreciate its charms. The area is home to many law practices and official local government offices, making it quiet at best during the day and thus largely ignored by those looking for a more dynamic scene. But first impressions can be deceiving!



In case the soaring cathedral and surrounding medieval architecture are not enough to draw you upward to this historic heart of Lausanne, then perhaps knowing some of its best addresses will! We want to spend the next weeks strolling the breathe-taking streets of this enchanting quartier and sharing our favorite places with you. We hope you’ll follow along and give us your thoughts and ideas as we go (reach out to us via Facebook or through the comments section below). Let’s enjoy the view from atop Lausanne for a while; it just doesn’t get much better than it is from up here…

Things to know about La Cité:

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