For much of the year, it seems that Lausanne exists somewhere in between seasons. Winter has a way of spreading its arms wide to embrace what we might otherwise hope could be fall or spring, claiming much of the year for its lingering and sometimes oppressive gray. But we’ll take all of that “in between” knowing that at the heart of winter, there’s no better place to be on earth. 
Last week’s snow might have been something of a headache when travelling to and from work, but in the northern, more rural part of the city, it left a blanket of the most perfect powder. A weekend walk left us wondering if we had suddenly stepped into the C.S. Lewis novel “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” or perhaps a Robert Frost poem.

We breathed deep and listened hard to the sound of snowy silence. This must be what they mean by peace and quiet; this is what winter is supposed to be.
This walk is an easy trail that we took from Chalet-des-Enfants. It starts at the southern edge of the clearing and is perfect when paired with a Chalet-des-Enfants hot chocolate afterwards! And no, that’s not us on the horses… 😉

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