With the newest of years waiting in the wings to make its debut next week, we went on a search for something glamorous, festive, bright, bubbly and sweet that would help us and above all you, dear reader, to ring in 2013 in style. We took this task to one of Lausanne’s best mixologists and the man behind the drinks at Etoile Blanche and Le Comptoir, Bertrand.

Bertrand used his magic and genius to create a brand new cocktail, especially for The Lausanne Guide!

So …AHEM…Ladies and gentlemen, it is our great pleasure to introduce to you, The Gold Rush.

We’re particularly fond of the name because we came up with it ;).

The Gold Rush is everything we were looking for. Simply put, it’s the cocktail equivalent to that little black dress that’s slightly too short for any occasion other than New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2.5cl of pear vodka
2.5cl of Gold Schnee
A dash of simple syrup

Mix the first three ingredients, pour into a glass. Top off with some bubby and garnish. Bertrand recommends garnishing with a strawberry, lemon peel or a cinnamon stick.

As we all know, New Year’s Eve is not just about looking ahead; it’s also about commemorating the great things that have passed. And as far as we’re concerned, 2012 was totally fantastic. We’re nine months into this little project and having more fun than we realized was possible. YOU are the reason for that. A huge THANKS to all of you Lausannois(e) out there (Swiss or otherwise) for making 20-12 so memorable for us.

Here’s to you, Lausanne!

…and to you, Bertrand!


Le Comptoir
Rue de la Barre 1

L’Etoile Blanche
Place Benjamin Constant

PS: We hear there’s going to be a great New Year’s party at L’Etoile Blanche! Check there website or give them a call for more details.

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