When we were little, our parents used to take every opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and force us to breathe a bit of fresh air. We called them ‘nature walks’ and the goal of a nature walk was simple: pay attention to the details. To connect with your surroundings and become an observer using multiple senses; touch the bark of the tree, listen to the leaves crunching beneath your feet and to the bird calling to its mate, smell the young saplings and the earthy soil.

Something we have realized while living in Lausanne is how much our city is connected to nature. We rise with the sun peeking over the alpine ridges, we commute on a train that hugs the shores of a glassy lake, we shop on streets covered in this season’s foliage, and listen to the symphony of birds and bells and children alike. So why not take a ‘nature walk’ in the city? Rather than going into town for a purpose, make town the purpose.  Touch, listen, smell and taste our city. You’ll be delighted with the details that are waiting to be found!

Photos from today’s ‘Nature Walk in the City’


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