Oh to go south; where the pace is slow, the water turquoise, the fish fresh, and where your hand gestures communicate more than your words. Isn’t it amazing that in just under two hours, you can be transplanted into an entirely different climate and culture?

With airlines such as easyjet offering incredible deals on flights all around Europe, we decided to take advantage and booked a beach holiday on the island of Sardinia. You guys. You guys. This was a vacation like none other. We continued to pinch ourselves, rub our eyes, slap our faces because really, have you ever seen water this color in real life? Well, we hadn’t.

Although we traveled the entire east coast during our holiday, there was a particular place that captured our hearts (but not our wallets): Stefano’s home villa in Torre delle Stelle. The beautiful villa sits up on the cliffs of Torre delle Stelle and overlooks the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The smell of the sea breezes through the open terraces, balconies, and outdoor verandas, with the delicate archways that provide a view of the host’s garden as well as the sea.

Stairs lead you down to deck chairs right next to the water, as well as a private swimming area equipped with a ladder to help you in and out.

We snorkled, we napped, we read, we ate watermelon and sipped on fresh-mint mojitos, courtesy of our host.

We awoke to the sun rising, the birds calling, and to the smell of true Italian ristretto being made downstairs.  Breakfast was phenomenal; brioches with powdered sugar, Nutella doughnuts, toast and home-made jam, fresh fruit from their neighbor’s garden, and local pecorino and goat cheese.

We felt as if we were friends by the time we left. And let us tell you…we really didn’t want to leave.

You can find Stefano’s listing on the airbnb website.

A few travel tips:

Rent a car. This is easy and cheap, and although Torre delle Stelle has a wonderful beach, a car will allow you to do a bit of exploring around the southern tip of Sardinia.

Go to the local beach, find the sea-side shack, ask for Andreas, and order an Ichnusa. Andreas owns the only little restaurant on the local beach, where dried palm leaves act as a make-shift roof, and fresh basil plants line the cash desks. Bob Marley’s Redemption Song was blasting from the surround sound stereo system, and we couldn’t help but sit back and smile. This is a place for great beer, fresh paninis, and the realization that you are on holiday.

Follow all of Stefano’s advice, because he never led us astray. Not once. We ate at a local seafood restaurant one night, where the tables were secured on the sand and every patron took their shoes off to dig their toes in. The fish was fresh and the only sound was the waves. Another night he recommended a pizza joint owned by a family from Naples. The pizza was to die for, the service familiar, and the energy infectious.

So, if you’re still looking for a way to work on your tan and catch some much-needed relaxation before the busy fall months are upon us, head south to Torre delle Stelle. If you have any questions about your trip, feel free to get in touch! Only, beware; we might want to reserve a spot in your suitcase…

B&B Stella Turchese
Via Giove, Maracalagonis
Sardinia, Italy

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