Shrouded beneath an alley of chestnut trees and nestled within the verdant Mon Repos park, La Folie Voltaire epitomizes the fantasy of summertime. Something spectacular is preserved in the privacy and protection of this little outdoor café; open only when the weather is nice and serving the freshest products from the city and its immediate surroundings, La Folie Voltaire seems to exist only as an ideal. Even the whimsy of childhood is accentuated; the outdoor playground, old-fashioned gelato stand and proximity of Mon Repos’ famous exotic birds, make this an oasis for young families looking for the harmony and wholesome esprit of a former time.

However, don’t be put off if you do not have children. The open air and overall peaceful ambiance leave enough space for everyone.  You will find us here on many a Saturday morning, enjoying brunch, reading the paper and soaking up the summer. The season is short and fleeting in Lausanne, and there are few corners of the city more appropriate for savoring it.

For art film enthusiasts, be sure to visit the café’s website for a full list of Saturday evening outdoor showings sponsored in part by La Folie Voltaire.

Fun fact: This 18th century “folie,” as the kiosque is called, was indeed visited by the restaurant’s namesake during his visits to the property (owned by his friend and fan M. Philippe de Gentils).

Perhaps to the chagrin of the man himself, La Folie Voltaire is indeed, the best of all possible worlds.

La Folie Voltaire
Parc Mon-Repos

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